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Airing Your Room  
If the atm osphere in your room is stale, you can air it using the Fan  
feature and if necessary, evacuate the stale air outside.  
If you wish to evacuate stale air outside, push the ventilation lever on the  
front of the unit to the right and the open position ( ).  
Result: The air inside the room circulates and stale air is evacuated  
Otherwise, push the ventilation lever to the left and the closed position (  
Result: The air simply circulates inside the room.  
If necessary, press the  
(On/Off) button.  
Remote Control  
Control Panel  
The operating mode indicator (COOL or FAN) on the  
unit comes on.  
The air conditioner starts up in the mode selected  
when the unit was last used.  
The unit beeps twice.  
If the FAN indicator is not lit up on the unit:  
Press the FAN button on the remote control  
Press the POWER/MODE button on the unit one or more times until  
the FAN indicator lights up  
Result: The unit beeps each time you press POWER/MODE.  
The air conditioner starts up in Fan mode.  
You can change modes at any time.  
When the air conditioner is in Fan mode, the  
temperature is not displayed; moreover, you do not  
need to set the temperature.  
To set the fan speed to...  
Press the  
Press the  
button on the remote control.  
button on the remote control.  
Each time you press a button, the unit beeps.  
To control the direction of the air flow, refer to page 10.  

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