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Safety Precautions  
If the power supply cord of this air conditioner is damaged, it must  
be replaced by the manufacturer or its authorized service personnel  
only in order to avoid a safety hazard.  
Do not attempt to install the air conditioner by yourself.  
This unit contains no user-serviceable parts. Always consult  
authorized service personnel for repairs.  
When moving, consult authorized service personnel for disconnection  
and installation of the unit.  
Do not become over-exposed to cold air by staying in the direct path  
of the air flow of the air conditioner for extended periods of time.  
Do not insert fingers or objects into the outlet port or intake grilles.  
Do not start and stop air conditioner operation by disconnecting the  
power supply cord and so on.  
Take care not damage the power supply cord.  
In the event of a malfunction(burning smell, etc.), immediately stop  
operation, turn off the electrical breaker, and consult authorized  
service personnel.  
Provide occasional ventilation during use.  
Do not direct air flow at fireplaces or heating apparatus.  
Do not climb on, or place objects on, the air conditioner.  
Do not hang objects from the indoor unit.  
Do not set flower vases or water containers on top of air conditioner.  
Do not expose the air conditioner directly to water.  
Do not touch the power supply plug with wet hands.  
Do not turn off the air conditioner with pulling power cord.  
Turn off power source when not using the unit for extended periods.  
Do not place animals or plants in the direct path of the air flow.  
Do not drink the water drained from the air conditioner.  
Do not use in applications involving the storage of foods, plants or  
animals, precision equipment, of art works.  
Do not block or cover the intake grille and outlet port in use.  
Do not use inflammable gases near the air conditioner.  
If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by a special cord  
or assembly available from the manufacturer or its service agent.  
(For Europe)  
Before throwing out the device, it is necessary to pull back the battery  
cells and get rid of them safely.  

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