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NTSC/PAL systems compatible  
Jog audio function  
The unit is compatible with NTSC and PAL systems.  
When inputting the signals to the DV IN/OUT  
connector or playing back a tape, the color system of  
signals is detected automatically. The color system  
select switch on the unit allows input of analog video  
signals in either color system. This compatibility  
allows you to record (download) or play back (upload)  
both NTSC and PAL formatted signals with your  
VCR, computer, or other equipment.  
If you use the optional remote control unit DSRM-20,  
audio can be monitored at various playback speeds  
when in jog mode.  
Other Features  
Compact and can be installed vertically  
However, the unit cannot convert the color system of  
the signals.  
The unit is compact and can be installed vertically.  
With non-linear editing system, you can save space by  
installing it vertically beside your computer.  
Choice of two cassette sizes  
The unit can use both standard-size and mini-size  
DVCAM or DV cassettes.  
Menu system for functionality and  
operation settings  
According to cassette size, the position of the reel  
drive plate changes automatically.  
The maximum recording/playback times are 184  
minutes for standard size cassettes and 40 minutes for  
mini-size cassettes (DVCAM format).  
The unit provides a menu system to make its various  
functions easier to use and set up.  
Superimposition function  
Remote control  
Time code, operation mode indications, menus, error  
messages, and other text data can be superimposed and  
output in analog video signals.  
The unit can be operated by remote control from a  
CONTROL-S system remote control unit, the DSRM-  
20 (not supplied).  
Easy maintenance functions  
High-speed search function  
Self-diagnostics/alarm functions: The system  
automatically detects an invalid operation, an invalid  
connection or a malfunction, and outputs a  
description, a cause and a recovery method as a  
message superimposed on analog video signals.  
Digital hours meter: A digital hours meter counts  
four types of time data—operating time, drum  
rotation time, tape running time, and tape threading/  
unthreading. The digital hours data is displayed in the  
When you use an editing controller or the optional  
remote control unit (DSRM-20), the unit has a picture  
search function that allows you to view color picture at  
playback speeds up to 14 times (NTSC) or up to 17  
times (PAL) normal speed in forward and reverse  
directions. You can also search frame-by-frame in jog  
You can also hear playback audio.  
Digital slow playback  
The unit has a frame memory function that allows  
smooth, slow playback. This is available only at +'/3-  
time speed and -'/3-time speed.  
Chapter 1 Overview  

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