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Re co rd in g is in t e rru p t e d .  
3-865-285-13 (1)  
Ho u se cu rre n t  
The VOR switch (M-535V/ 530V only) is set to H or L.  
When you do not use VOR, set it to OFF.  
Pla yin g a Ta p e  
to the w all outlet  
Du rin g CUE/REVIEW t h e t a p e st o p s o r d o e s n o t ru n .  
Yo u ca n n o t fa st -fo rw a rd o r re w in d .  
Microcassette -Corder  
The batteries are weak. Replace both batteries with new  
Operating Instructions  
Mode d’emploi (voir verso)  
Th e u n it d o e s n o t o p e ra t e .  
The batteries have been inserted with incorrect polarity.  
The batteries are weak. Replace both batteries with new  
AC pow er adaptor (not supplied)  
m CUE/  
>PAUSE is slid in the direction of the arrow.  
The AC power adaptor is connected to the unit only and  
you are going to use the unit on batteries.  
Sony Corporation © 1999 Printed in China  
Connect the AC power adaptor to DC IN 3V and to a wall outlet.  
Use the AC-E30HG AC power adaptor (not supplied). Do not  
use any other AC power adaptor.  
No so u n d co m e s fro m t h e sp e a ke r.  
The earphone is plugged in.  
The volume is turned down completely.  
Th e so u n d d ro p s o u t o r co m e s w it h e xce ssive n o ise .  
Polarity of the plug  
The volume is turned down completely.  
The batteries are weak. Replace both batteries with new  
Ta p e sp e e d is t o o fa st o r t o o slo w in t h e p la yb a ck  
m o d e .  
The head is contaminated. See “Maintenance”.  
Specifications for AC-E30HG vary for each area. Check your local voltage  
and the shape of plug before purchasing.  
Insert a cassette with the side to start playing facing the lid.  
Select the tape speed to the same speed as that used for  
Press n.  
Vo o r d e Kla n t e n in Ne d e rla n d (a lle e n d e M-535V)  
Bij dit product zijn batterijen geleverd. Wanneer  
deze leeg zijn, moet u ze niet weggooien maar  
inleveren als KCA.  
Improper setting of the TAPE SPEED switch. Set it to the  
same speed as that used for recording.  
Adjust the volume.  
Re co rd in g ca n n o t b e e ra se d co m p le t e ly.  
t The head is contaminated.  
Re co rd in g  
Press or slide  
Stop playback/ stop fast  
forward or rewind*  
Pause playback  
Slide >PAUSE in the direction of the arrow.  
The REC/ BATT (M-535V/ 530V) or BATT  
(M-435P/ 430) lamp goes off.  
Ma in t e n a n ce  
Fo r cu st o m e rs in t h e Un it e d St a t e s  
Fast forward  
Slide mCUE/ MREVIEW toward mCUE  
during stop.  
Ow n e r’s Re co rd  
Slide mCUE/ MREVIEW toward  
MREVIEW during stop.  
The model number is located at the bottom and the serial  
number is located inside the battery compartment. Record  
these numbers in the spaces provided below. Refer to these  
numbers whenever you call upon your Sony dealer  
regarding this product.  
m CUE/  
Search forward during  
playback (CUE)  
Keep mCUE/ MREVIEW pushed down  
during playback and release it at the point  
you want.  
Search backward during Keep mCUE/ MREVIEW pushed up  
playback (REVIEW)  
during playback and release it at the point  
you want.  
Model No.  
Serial No.  
If you leave the unit after the tape has been wound or rewound, the  
batteries will be consumed rapidly. Be sure to depress xZ.  
Pinch roller  
If the tape is completely wound or rewound while searching forward/  
backward during playback (CUE/ REVIE), the mCUE/ MREVIEW  
switch may not return to the center position when you release the switch.  
In this case, push back the switch to the center to start playback.  
To cle a n t h e t a p e h e a d a n d p a t h  
Press n and wipe the head, capstan and the pinch roller with a  
cotton swab, moistened with alcohol every 10 hours of use.  
Ab o u t Th is Ma n u a l  
The instructions in this manual are for 4 models. The M-535V is  
the model used for illustration purposes.  
Their differences are shown in the table below:  
If you plug in headphones (not supplied) to the EAR jack, you  
will get monaural output from both left and right channels.  
To cle a n t h e e xt e rio r  
Use a soft cloth slightly moistened in water. Do not use alcohol,  
benzine or thinner.  
At t h e e n d o f t h e t a p e  
In the recording or playback mode, the tape stops at the end of  
the tape and the locked buttons will be released automatically  
(Automatic shut-off mechanism).  
After fast forward or rewind, be sure to set mCUE/  
MREVIEW back to the center.  
BATT lamp  
REC lamp  
a (REC/ BATT)  
a (REC/ BATT)  
Sp e cifica t io n s  
a (REC/ BATT)  
a (REC/ BATT)  
Press the reset button of the TAPE COUNTER  
M-535V/ 530V only).  
Press xZ and insert a standard microcassette with the side  
to start recording facing the lid.  
(normal position type)  
Recording system  
-track 1-channel monaural  
Approx. 3.6 cm (1716 in.) dia.  
Tape speed  
a: provided or supplied —: not provided or not supplied  
Select the desired tape speed.  
Du b b in g o n t o a n o t h e r t a p e  
re co rd e r  
.4 cm for optimum sound (recommended for normal use):  
A 30-minute recording can be made using both sides of the  
MC-30 microcassette.  
.4 cm/ s (1516 ips), 1.2 cm/ s (1532 ips)  
Frequency range  
300 - 4,000 Hz (with TAPE SPEED switch at 2.4 cm/ s)  
Earphone jack (minijack) for 8 - 300 ohms earphone  
Pow er output (at 10% harmonic distortion)  
Pre p a rin g Po w e r So u rce s  
Choose one of the following power sources.  
Dry Ba t t e rie s  
.2 cm for longer recording time: A 60-minute recording can  
Connect another tape recorder to the EAR jack using the RK-  
G64HG connecting cord (not supplied).  
Set this unit to the playback mode and another tape recorder to  
the recording mode.  
be made using both sides of the MC-30 microcassette.  
Set VOR to H, L or OFF (M-535V/ 530V only).  
If you set VOR to H or L, the unit automatically starts  
recording the sound and pauses when there is no sound  
M-535V/ 530V  
M-435P/ 430  
250 mW  
160 mW  
(you can save tapes and batteries).  
Pow er requirements  
H: To record at meeting or in a quiet and/ or spacious place.  
L: To record for dictation or in a noisy place.  
When the sound is not loud enough, set it to OFF, or the unit  
may not start recording.  
V DC batteries R6 (size AA) × 2/ External DC 3V power sources  
Pre ca u t io n s  
Dimensions (w /h/d)  
Approx. 62.2 × 121.5 × 24.3 mm (212 × 478 × 3132 in.) incl. projecting  
parts and controls  
Approx. 125 g (4.5 oz)  
Supplied accessories  
Microcassette tape MC-30 (3) (M-535V for U.S.A., Canada and Europe  
Microcassette tape MC-60 (6) (M-435P for U.S.A. only)  
Batteries LR6 (SG) (2) (M-535V for Canada and Europe and M-435P  
for U.S.A. only)  
Insert the # side  
first for each  
On p o w e r  
Press z.  
Operate the unit only on 3 V DC.  
n is pressed simultaneously and recording starts. While  
the tape runs, the REC/ BATT lamp lights and flashes  
depending on the strength of the sound (M-535V/ 530V  
For AC operation, use the AC adaptor recommended for the  
unit. Do not use any other type. For battery operation, use two  
R6 (size AA) batteries.  
Recording level is fixed.  
On t h e u n it  
Make sure that nothing is connected to the DC IN 3V jack.  
• Use only the  
(standard microcassettes) with this  
Open the battery compartment lid.  
Insert two R6 (size AA) batteries with correct polarity and  
close the lid.  
Press or slide  
unit. Non-standard cassettes cannot be used because their “L”  
dimension (see illustration) is different.  
Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.  
Stop recording  
Start recording during playback  
z during playback (the unit becomes  
in the recording mode)  
To t a ke o u t t h e b a t t e ris  
Only standard microcassettes  
have a small indention of side A.  
Review the portion just recorded  
Pause recording  
Push up mCUE/ MREVIEW  
toward MREVIEW during the  
recording. Release the button at the  
point to start playback.  
Slide >PAUSE in the direction of  
the arrow. The REC/ BATT (M-  
lamp goes off.  
35V/ 530V) or BATT (M-435P/ 430)  
Approx. 5 mm  
Approx. 2.5 mm  
Take out a cassette  
• Do not leave the unit in a location near heat sources, or in a  
place subject to direct sunlight, excessive dust or mechanical  
If t h e b a t t e ry co m p a rt m e n t lid is a ccid e n t a lly  
d e t a ch e d  
Attach it as illustrated.  
Select the 2.4 cm tape speed for recording, if you play back the recorded  
tape with another unit. Otherwise, the sound quality may be changed.  
Should any solid object or liquid fall into the unit, remove the  
batteries or disconnect the AC power adaptor, and have the  
unit checked by qualified personnel before operating it any  
Notes on VOR (Voice Operated Recording) (M-535V/530V  
Keep personal credit cards using magnetic coding or spring-  
wound watches etc. away from the unit to prevent possible  
damage from the magnet used for the speaker.  
The VOR system depends on the environmental conditions. If you  
cannot get the desired results, set VOR to OFF.  
When you use the system in a noisy place, the unit will stay in the  
recording mode. If the sound is too soft, on the contrary, the unit will  
not start recording. Set VOR to H (high) or L (low) depending on the  
• When you do not use the unit for long, remove the batteries to  
avoid damage caused by battery leakage and subsequent  
• If the unit has not been used for long, set it in the playback  
mode and warm it up for a few minutes before inserting a  
Th is w a rra n t y is va lid o n ly in t h e Un it e d  
St a t e s.  
To m o n it o r t h e so u n d  
Connect an earphone (not supplied) to EAR jack. The monitor  
volume cannot be adjusted by VOL.  
Wh e n t o re p la ce t h e b a t t e rie s  
Replace the batteries with new ones when the REC/ BATT  
If you have any questions or problems concerning your unit,  
please consult your nearest Sony dealer.  
(M-535V/ 530V) or BATT (M-435P/ 430) lamp dims.  
To p re ve n t a ca sse t t e fro m b e in g a ccid e n t a lly re co rd e d  
o ve r  
You do not need to replace the batteries if the REC/ BATT lamp or BATT  
lamp flashes with the playback sound when you turn up the volume.  
Break out and remove the cassette tabs. To reuse the cassette for  
recording, cover the tab hole with adhesive tape.  
Tro u b le sh o o t in g  
Should any problem persist after you have made these checks,  
consult your nearest Sony dealer.  
Battery life (Approx. hours)  
Sony manganese R6P (SR)  
Sony alkaline LR6 (SG)  
A ca sse t t e ca n n o t b e in se rt e d .  
The cassette is being inserted in the wrong way.  
n has been already pressed.  
Pla yb a ck ca n n o t b e m a d e .  
Measured valued by the standard of EIAJ (Electronic Industries  
Association of Japan) (Using a Sony Microcassette)  
The tape has reached the end. Rewind the tape.  
The batteries are weak. Replace both batteries with new  
The battery life may shorten depending on the operation of the unit.  
The head is contaminated.  
Re co rd in g ca n n o t b e m a d e .  
There is no cassette in the cassette compartment.  
The cassette tab has been removed.  
The batteries are weak. Replace both batteries with new  
The head is contaminated.  
Improper setting of the VOR switch (M-535V/ 530V only).  

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