User manual Sony Network Walkman NW-HD1

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Select “Start” – “All Programs”* –  
If necessary, change the format and  
bit rate for audio CD recording.  
Click “Format/Bit Rate” on the right side  
of the SonicStage window to display “CD  
Recording Format [My library]” dialog  
The default setting is OpenMG Audio  
(ATRAC3plus) for format and 64 kbps for  
bit rate.  
SonicStage” – “SonicStage.”  
SonicStage starts up.  
If you use the earlier version of  
SonicStage, the “SonicStage file  
conversion tool” window appears when  
you start up SonicStage for the first time  
after installing it. Follow the instructions  
in the window.  
on the  
SonicStage window.  
The recording of the selected tracks starts.  
To stop recording  
on the SonicStage  
To select the tracks you do not want to  
Before step 5, click the track number to  
uncheck on the SonicStage window.  
“Programs” in the case of Windows Millennium  
Edition/Windows 2000 Professional/Windows  
8 Second Edition  
*This tool converts the audio files that were  
imported to your computer with SonicStage2.0  
or a prior version into the optimum data format  
Only audio CDs with a  
SonicStage. We do not guarantee normal operation  
in the case of the copy-controlled CDs.  
mark can be used with  
audio data to the player at high speed.  
OpenMG) for this player, in order to transfer  
Continued   
Insert the audio CD that you want  
to record into the CD drive of your  
The source indication in the top-left of the  
SonicStage window changes to “Record  
a CD.”  
Click “Music Source” on the  
SonicStage window.  
The contents of the audio CD appear in  
the music source list. If CD information  
such as album title, artist name, and  
track names could not be obtained  
automatically, click “CD Info” on the  
right side of the window (connection to  
the Internet is necessary).  

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