User manual Sony NW-S703FPINK

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Wa lkm a n® MP3 Pla ye r  
G B Built-In Me m ory/ Store s up to 685 Song s  
Built-In Ac tive Noise Ca nc e lla tion  
Cle a r Ste re o a nd Cle a r Ba ss  
EX Mod e l He a d p hone s with 13.5m m Dia m e te r Drive rs (Sup p lie d )  
Built-In FM Tune r with Pre se ts  
Quic k Ba tt4e ry Cha rg e (3 Minute Cha rg e = Ap p roxim a te ly 3 Hours  
Pla yb a c k)  
Up to 50Hours Pla yb a c k with Re c ha rg e a b le Em b e d d e d Lithium Ion  
Ba tte ry  
JOG Shuttle Func tion for Music Se a rc h  
Com p a tib le with Sony's CONNECT™ Music Store  
Pla ys Ba c k MP3/ ATRAC3/ 3ATRAC3p lus™/ WMA(non-DRM) a nd AAC  
non-DRM) Aud io Form a ts  
-Line Color OELDisp la y (Org a nic Ele c trolumine sc e nc e )  
-Ba nd Eq ua lize r  
Sonic Sta g e ® CP Music Ma na g e m e nt Softwa re Sup p lie d  
Dire c t Enc od ing Possib le with Op tiona l Cra d le (Sold Se p a ra te ly)  
VPT(Virtua l Phone Te c hnolog y)  
USB 2.0 Com p a tib le for Hig h Sp e e d Da ta Tra nsfe r  
Sup p orts CD Te xt a nd ID3 Ta g g ing  

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