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Transferring Data (continued)  
Supported ꢀle ꢁormat  
Do not disconnect the USB cable while “Do not disconnect.” appears on the player or the data  
being transferred may be damaged.  
You cannot change folder names or delete the “MUSIC,” “MP_ROOꢂ,” “VIDEO” (NWZ-S615F/  
S616F/S618F only), “PICꢂURES,” “PICꢂURE” and “DCIM” folders.  
Do not change folder or ꢀle names directly under the “MP_ROOꢂ” folder. Otherwise, they will  
not be displayed on the player.  
File format  
MP3 (MPEG-1 Layer3) ꢀle format, ASF ꢀle format, MP4 ꢀle format, Wave-Riꢁ ꢀle  
File extension: .mp3  
File extension: .wma (Compatible with WM-DRM10)  
File extension: .mp4, .m4a, .3gp  
File extension: .wav  
Linear PCM  
AꢂRAC ꢀles need to be converted using the supplied MP3 Conversion ꢂool. (Audio data  
purchased from a music distribution service on the Internet cannot be converted.)  
ꢂo use the supplied MP3 Conversion ꢂool, install the supplied CD-ROM on your computer and  
Video (NWZ-S615F/S616F/S618F only)  
File format  
MP4 ꢀle format, “Memory Stick” video format  
File extension: .mp4, .m4v  
select the  
icon from the leꢃ side of the install menu, then click [Start] on the bottom-right.  
Note that when converting AꢂRAC ꢀles to MP3 ꢀles, the AꢂRAC ꢀles are not deleted. You can  
also delete the AꢂRAC ꢀles by setting the Option.  
You can create playlists using another transfer capable soꢃware for creating playlists, or the  
supplied Windows Media Player 11. For details on operation, refer to Help of the soꢃware, or  
ask its manufacturer.  
You can set cover art using another transfer capable soꢃware for setting cover art, or the  
supplied Windows Media Player 11. For details on operation, refer to Help of the soꢃware or  
ask its manufacturer.  
File extension: .mp4, .m4v  
File format  
Compatible with DCF 2.0/Exif 2.21ꢀle format  
JPEG File extension: .jpg  
Copyright protected AAC-LC ꢀles cannot be played back.  
Some photo ꢀles may not be playable, depending on their ꢀle formats.  
NWZ-S515 / S516 / S615F / S616F / S618F GB.3-218-247-11(1)  
NWZ-S515 / S516 / S615F / S616F / S618F GB.3-218-247-11(1)  

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