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Getting Started  
How to Use  
On the touch panel, you can perform various functions by using  
your ꢀnger or the supplied stylus.  
ꢀ UsingꢀtheꢀAdvancedꢀFeatures  
The Reader comes installed with a built-in rechargeable battery.  
First, charge the Reader battery, as battery power may not be  
sufꢀcient immediately after purchase.  
The Reader has various advanced features to enhance its  
usability. You can use them from the menus displayed by pressing  
the SEARCH button, the (Size) button or the OPTION button.  
Reader (with Soft cover and  
Stylus) (1)  
Quick Start Guide (this  
manual) (1)  
You can purchase (download) eBooks from the online eBook  
Store from Sony to your computer.  
Turn on the Reader.  
By tapping on the touch panel, you can select an item on the  
menu or list, etc.  
USB cable (1)  
CD-ROM (1)  
eBook Library software  
User’s Guide  
Memory slot protective  
inserts (2)  
When you turn on the Reader for the ꢀrst time after purchase,  
the touch panel calibration screen appears. Follow the on-  
screen instructions and complete the calibration process.  
• Search menu: The Search menu enables you to ꢀnd a book or a  
• The following explains how to import/transfer/read eBooks. For  
details on other content formats supported by the Reader, refer to  
the User’s Guide included on the CD-ROM.  
• Size menu: The Size menu enables you to adjust text size, and  
zoom in/out Book page.  
• Option menu: The Option menu enables you to create Notes, jump  
to page, etc.  
Connect the Reader to your computer via USB cable.  
Connect the Reader to your computer using the supplied USB  
cable. The indicator lights up red while charging, and goes off  
when charging is complete.  
This CD-ROM will not play in an audio CD player.  
• To purchase (download) eBooks, you need to prepare an Internet-  
accessible environment on your computer.  
You can adjust the text size to enhance the readability from the  
Size menu. In the Size menu, tap the desired size icon.  
Charge indicator  
Slide POWER switch  
Turn on the Reader, then connect it to your computer  
using the supplied USB cable.  
Book page in “S” size  
Book page in “L” size  
Slide POWER switch.  
By tapping twice (double-tap) on the touch panel, you can create  
bookmarks, select a word on a Book page to search in the  
Search menu, etc.  
Quick Start Guide  
Guide de démarrage  
To USB Connector  
USB cable  
To USB connector  
USB cable  
Size icons  
Size indicator  
You can annotate a book by creating a bookmark, a highlight or  
a comment.  
To create a bookmark or a highlight, use the tool bar, which can  
be displayed by tapping “Create/Edit Notes” in the Option menu.  
To create a comment, use the Comment editor, which can be  
displayed by tapping a bookmark or a highlighted word.  
When you connect the Reader to your computer,  
USB) is displayed on the Reader’s screen. If the  
When you connect the Reader to your computer with eBook  
Library started, the date and time of the Reader is automatically  
synchronized with your computer clock.  
connection via  
Portable Reader System  
battery has been fully depleted, it takes approximately  
until is displayed, during which time you will not be able to turn  
on the Reader by the POWER switch. In this case, wait until  
Click the Start menu, then select “All Programs” –  
“Reader” – “eBook Library” to start eBook Library.  
By dragging on the touch panel, you can turn a page, drag a  
magniꢀed page in Zoom mode or select a word to highlight.  
2008 Sony Corporation Printed in China  
The charge indicator lights up in red while  
while the Reader is charging.  
is not displayed,  
Click “eBook Store” in the Source view of eBook Library.  
Tool bar  
Comment editor  
The eBook Store page appears.  
OPTION button  
• If the remaining battery power of  
is low, charging via USB connection may not be possible.  
If you connect the Reader to notebook computer which is not  
connected to an AC outlet, the battery of the notebook computer will be  
drained. Do not leave the Reader connected to notebook computer  
which is not connected to an AC outlet for an extended period.  
connected notebook computer  
Displays the Option menu.  
Follow the instructions in the store to authorize the  
Reader and your computer.  
(Size) button  
Input screen  
The serial number provided for this unit is required for customer registration. The  
label on the back of the unit. Do not remove the label.  
Authorization is required only on the ꢀrst visit to the eBooks  
Store from Sony.  
Displays the Size menu.  
number is on  
SEARCH button  
Displays the Search menu.  
The model and serial numbers are located on the back of the unit. Record them in the  
space provided below. Refer to these numbers in the spaces whenever you call upon  
your Sony dealer regarding this product.  
Model No. ___________________________  
Serial No. ___________________________  
Follow the instructions in the store to purchase  
(download) eBooks.  
HOME button  
Displays the Home menu.  
The Reader can also be charged by connecting to an AC outlet  
using the AC Adaptor for Reader (AC-S5220E) (optional).  
Downloaded eBooks are automatically imported to “Library”  
in the Source view of eBook Library.  
For more details about the advanced features, refer to the User’s  
Touch panel  
The touch panel gives you simple access to the various  
functions on the Reader.  
• You can reverse the direction of dragging in the Settings menu. For  
details, refer to “Changing Settings” in the User’s Guide.  
The Reader has a Power Management feature to avoid  
unnecessary battery consumption.The Power Management  
operates as follows:  
Replacement or repair of a broken or scratched touch panel is not covered by the  
Do not drop or submit the Reader to excessive shock.  
Do not poke people using the supplied stylus.  
Do not treat or use the supplied stylus roughly by bending it, or scratching the touch  
panel with it.  
Use the supplied stylus only for the operation on the touch panel.  
The supplied stylus enables you to perform precise  
operations such as highlighting, on the touch panel.  
After 60 minutes of inactivity, the Reader enters sleep mode  
automatically while the battery power is consumed slightly.  
By holding on the touch panel after dragging, you can turn  
pages repeatedly.  
Included with the Reader is this Quick Start Guide and the User’s  
Guide. Additionally, after installing the supplied eBook Library, you can  
refer to the Help within eBook Library.  
days of inactivity, the Reader automatically  
shutdown and stops consuming the battery power.  
If the battery power is at a low level, the Reader will shutdown after 60 minutes  
of inactivity.  
The supplied stylus is stored on the right side of the Reader. Pull  
it out from the top when you use it.  
Do not use  
damaged or deformed stylus.  
The contents of each book pre-installed on this product are copyrighted works, edited  
with the cooperation of the publisher and editor hereto mentioned.  
Copyright laws prohibit copying the data of this product or the contents of this manual  
illustrations, related documents, etc.) in whole or in part without the permission of the  
Source view  
Contains instructions for advanced features of the Reader and  
troubleshooting information.  
You can shutdown the Reader in one of the following ways.  
• eBooks can be read in eBook Library using your computer. For  
more information about using eBook Library, refer to the eBook  
Library Help.  
Slide the POWER switch and hold it for more than 3  
copyright holder. Additionally, use of the data of this product or the contents of this  
manual is not allowed without Sony’s permission except for personal use.  
Use “Device Shutdown” in the Settings menu. For details,  
refer to the User’s Guide.  
SONY and the SONY logo are registered trademarks of Sony Corporation.  
BBeB, BBeB Book, and their logos are trademarks of Sony Corporation.  
“Memory Stick”, “Memory Stick Duo”, “Memory Stick PRO”, and their logos are  
trademarks of Sony Corporation.  
The PDF ꢀle of the User’s Guide is  
provided on the supplied CD-ROM.  
Click the Start menu at the bottom  
left of the Desktop, then select “All  
Programs” – “Reader” – “PRS-700  
User’s Guide” to start Adobe Reader  
and open the User’s Guide.  
Check that eBook Library is running and that the Reader  
is connected to your computer using the USB cable.  
“Reader” appears in the Source view of eBook Library.  
Bitstream is  
registered trademark, and Dutch, Font Fusion, and Swiss are  
trademarks, of Bitstream Inc.  
Microsoft, Windows, Windows Vista and Windows Media are trademarks or registered  
ꢀ ReadingꢀeBooksꢀonꢀtheꢀReader  
Home Menu  
Turn on the computer and start Windows.  
Log on using an account with administrator privileges and  
connect to the Internet with your computer.  
Insert the supplied CD-ROM into your computer’s drive.  
The launcher appears and prompts you to conꢀgure your  
trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and  
or other countries.  
Adobe, the Adobe logo, Reader and PDF are either registered trademarks or  
trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States and/or other  
MPEG Layer-3 audio coding technology and patents licensed from Fraunhofer IIS and  
For details on how to use Adobe  
Reader, refer to Adobe Reader Help.  
When you put the supplied stylus back into the holder, make sure  
to insert it fully to the bottom of the holder.  
Click “Library” in the Source view, then click (List view).  
The View area is switched to the List view and all the content  
in Library is listed.  
List view  
• To view the User’s Guide,  
Adobe Reader or Acrobat  
needs to be installed.  
Adobe Reader can be  
downloaded by selecting  
“Get Adobe® Reader®”  
on the launcher.  
SD Memory Card slot  
Used to insert a SD Memory Card (optional).  
Select “Install eBook Library.”  
The Install Wizard screen appears. Follow the on-screen  
instructions to install.  
Subsequently, install the User’s Guide as well by selecting  
All other system names and product names appearing in this document are generally  
the registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective manufacturers. Further, the  
and registered trademark  
symbols are not indicated throughout this  
“Memory Stick Duo” slot  
Used to insert a “Memory Stick Duo” Memory Card (optional).  
Install PRS-700 User’s Guide” on the launcher.  
Program ©2008 Sony Corporation  
Documentation ©2008 Sony Corporation  
POWER switch  
Switches on/off the Reader.  
If the installation is not successful, refer to “When installation is  
not successful – Q&A” on this Quick Start Guide.  
(Page Turn)  
Provides detailed information about using eBook Library and the  
Lights up in red while charging, and goes off when charging  
is complete.  
Flashes orange while the Reader is accessing your computer  
via USB.  
Double-click the eBook Library icon ( ) on theWindows  
What You Can Do with Reader  
Click “Help” − “eBook Library  
You can also start eBook Library by clicking the Start menu and  
then selecting “All Programs” “Reader” “eBook Library.”  
In the Home menu, tap  
The Book list appears.  
Thank you for purchasing this Sony Portable Reader System PRS-700.  
Read through this Quick Start Guide to prepare the Reader for use.  
Once initial preparation is complete, you can transfer content from your  
computer to the Reader to take it anywhere you wish.  
Also ꢁashes in orange while switching the Reader on or off.  
• When you click “Books,” “Audio” or “Pictures” in the Source  
There is an index bar on the right side of  
the list, in which books are sorted  
alphabetically. If your desired book is  
not displayed in the list, tap the initial  
letter of the book.  
Holes for soft cover attachment  
view, only their respective content types are displayed.  
• Washte  
numyobuncaliilcsk. (Thumbnail view), content can be displayed  
> (Page Turn) buttons  
You can also turn pages using the touch panel.  
Select the content you want to transfer from the list.  
To select multiple content, click the content while holding  
down the Ctrl key.  
(Back) button  
Returns to the previous menu.  
It is recommended that you perform customer registration by  
registering your contact information, which enables Sony to send you  
information regarding technical support, software updates, etc.  
If you want to continue reading from the  
If you encounter an issue, try the following.  
Drag the content from the list to “Reader” in the Source  
last displayed page, tap  
Hole for hand strap  
Used to attach the hand strap (optional).  
Reading) in the Home menu.  
Index bar  
If you cannot install eBook Library  
Refer to “When installation is not successful – Q&A” in this Quick Start  
Read this manual for initial preparation.  
Charge the Reader.  
Select “Product Registration Website” on the launcher.  
The content is transferred to the Reader.  
Install eBook Library on your computer.  
(Light) Switch  
Switches on/off the built-in light.  
Tap the desired book in the list.  
The cover page of the book appears.  
If you have read the book before, the  
last displayed page of the book  
For other issues  
Refer to the “Troubleshooting” section in the User’s Guide.  
DC IN jack  
The following are requirements to use eBook Library.  
Used to connect the AC Adaptor for Reader (AC-S5220E)  
If the issue persists  
Import eBooks from an online eBook store, or  
from your computer.  
USB connector  
Used to connect the USB cable (supplied).  
Windows Vista Windows Vista Home Premium  
Windows Vista Business  
Windows Vista Home Basic  
Visit the support site.  
For customers in the USA:  
For customers in Canada:  
Downloaded eBooks  
(Headphones) jack  
Used to connect headphones (optional).  
Windows Vista Ultimate  
Windows XP  
Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition  
Windows XP Professional  
Windows XP Media Center Edition  
Windows XP Media Center Edition 2004  
Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005  
VOL –/+ button  
If the issue still persists  
RESET button  
On the Book page, drag on the page  
Resets the Reader if no operation is possible.  
• Do not disconnect the USB cable from the Reader while data is  
being transferred.  
• Safely disconnects the Reader from your computer once all  
transfer activity has been completed. Before you disconnect the  
Reader, click (Eject) button, and then disconnect from the  
or press the  
turn a page.  
> (Page Turn) button to  
Contact Sony Support.  
For customers in the USA:  
To return to the previous page, drag the  
opposite direction or press the <  
(Page Turn) button.  
800 MHz Celeron class processor or better  
Content (book/audio/  
picture fles, etc.)  
128 MB or more (minimum 512 MB for Windows Vista)  
Phone number: 1-877-899-7669  
For details, refer to “Troubleshooting” in the User’s Guide.  
Free space on 20 MB or more  
Depending on the content amount, more space may  
be required.  
Online eBook store  
Do not leave the Reader connected for extended periods to a  
notebook computer that is not connected to AC power, because  
the Reader may drain the computer’s battery.  
hard disc  
Content that you already have can also be transferred.  
For details on content type compatible with the Reader,  
refer to the User’s Guide.  
High Color or more, 1024 × 768 pixels or more (True  
Color, 1280 × 1024 pixels, or more recommended)  
If the computer enters  
power saving mode, such as the system  
Press the (Back) button.  
suspend, sleep or hibernation while the Reader is connected to the  
computer directly, the Reader battery will not be charged. Instead,  
the Reader will continue to draw power from its battery, discharging it.  
Other devices CD-ROM drive, USB port, pointing device such as  
mouse or track pad  
Internet connection (broadband recommended, some fees may apply) is  
also required on your computer.  
Press the HOME button.  
On transferring via  
• To transfer eBooks to  
memory card in the Reader, then follow the above steps (except  
drag and drop the content on “Memory Stick on Reader/SD Card  
on Reader” in step 4). For details, refer to “Transferring content via  
memory card  
a memory card on the Reader, insert the  
Transfer content from your computer to the  
Reader using eBook Library.  
This software is not supported by the following environments:  
An operating system other than those included above  
Personally built computer or operating system  
Upgraded manufacturer-installed operating system  
Multi-boot environment  
Multi-monitor environment  
With memory card slot on your computer or a memory card  
memory card” in the User’s Guide.  
reader, you can also transfer content directly to the memory card  
and then insert it in the Reader.  
If a memory card is inserted in your computer or a memory card  
reader, the memory card icon appears in the Source view. Follow  
the above steps (except drag and drop the content on “Memory  
Q1Does your computer meet system requirements?  
A1 Check that your computer meets the system requirements listed above.  
Stick on PC/SD Card on PC” in step 4) to transfer to  
a memory card.  
• When inserting the memory card into the Reader, it may take time  
for the Reader to recognize the content ꢀles in the memory card if  
the capacity of the content ꢀles stored on the memory card is large.  
Q2Were you logged on as an “Administrator,” did you close all running  
software programs before beginning the installation?  
A2 Log on as “Administrator.”  
Close all running soꢀtware programs, including background programs such as  
virus-protection soꢀtware.  
• You can also purchase and transfer Adobe DRM protected content  
using Adobe Digital Editions 1.5 or later.  
For details about usage or support, refer to the Adobe information  
page at the following web site:  
Enjoy content on the Reader.  
Q3The set-up program does not start automatically.  
A3 Iꢀ the set-up program does not start automatically when you insert the CD-ROM,  
click “Start” on the Windows taskbar, click “My Computer,” and then double-click  
the optical disc drive icon to start the program.  
Q4Is the progress bar in the installation window moving, and the access  
lamp of the CD drive ꢀashing?  
A4 When the bar is moving and the lamp is ꢁashing, the installation is still in  
progress. Please wait ꢀor the installation to fnish.  
If the solutions listed here do not resolve the issue, refer to “Support” in  
this Quick Start Guide.  
For the latest information on eBook Library and to download any software  
updates, visit the Web site:  
For customers in the USA:  
For customers in Canada:  
The Reader is pre-installed with sample data.  
If you delete the sample data, you cannot restore it, and nor will be  
supplied with any replacement data.  

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