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En g lish  
FM St e re o /AM PLL  
Syn t h e size d Ra d io  
Pre se t Tu n in g  
You can preset 10 stations in FM (5 in FM1 and 5 in  
FM2) and 5 stations in AM.  
No t e s o n la p t im e m e m o ry  
Be fo re Yo u Be g in  
Ch a n g in g AM Ch a n n e l  
St e p  
The channel step of this unit is factory-set to 10  
kHz. When needed, change the channel step before  
listening to the radio.  
The lap time memory will store the last 5 lap times.  
Earlier lap times are erased in progressive order.  
To display a stored the lap time, press the respective  
To switch to the hour-minute-second display, press  
TUNE/TIME SET +. To switch to the minute-second-  
split second display, press TUNE/TIME SET.  
To erase the lap time memory, press LAP/RESET,  
and then START/STOP.  
Tro u b le sh o o t in g Gu id e  
Should any problem persist after you have made the  
following checks, consult your nearest Sony dealer.  
Operating Instructions  
Manual de Instrucciones  
Thank you for choosing the Sports Walkman radio!  
It will give you many hours of reliable service and  
listening pleasure. Before operating the radio, please  
read these instructions thoroughly and retain them for  
future reference.  
Pre se t t in g  
Example: To set FM 90 MHz on FM2 onto Preset  
a st a t io n  
All buttons except HOLD do not operate at all.  
H” is displayed. Press the HOLD button so that  
H” disappears.  
Press POWER.  
Press BAND to select FM2.  
Tune in to FM 90 MHz ( See “Manual Tuning”  
or “Auto Station Scan Tuning”).  
Sony Corporation ©1999 Printed in China  
Are a  
Ch a n n e l st e p  
North and South  
American countries  
Other countries  
Very w eak or interrupted sound, or unsatisfactory  
Fe a t u re s  
Weak batteries  
FM stereo/ AM PLL (Phase Locked Loop)  
Synthesized radio  
Up to 15 stations (10 for FM, 5 for AM) can be  
preset for one-touch tuning.  
Auto Station Scan tuning for speedy locating of  
Hold down PRESET/LAP MEMO button  
more than 2 seconds.  
In a vehicle or in a building, listen near a window.  
Use fu l Fu n ct io n s  
Press POWER to turn off the power.  
While holding down SCAN, keep pressing  
BAND for more than 5 seconds.  
The first beep will be followed by two beeps to  
confirm the setting. The preset number “P2”  
flashes and then remains in the display.  
Display is dim, or no indication is displayed.  
Fo r En h a n ce d Ba ss So u n d  
Switch MEGA BASS to ON.  
The MEGA BASS function intensifies the bass sound for  
richer quality audio reproduction.  
Weak batteries.  
The unit is being used in extremely high or low  
The channel step appears in the display for a few  
To go back to the original channel step, repeat step  
temperatures or in a place with excessive moisture.  
Built-in digital clock and stopwatch  
Splash-resistant for all-weather use  
Countdown timer  
Hand strap and belt holder supplied  
MEGA BASS for dynamic bass sound  
The station cannot be received w hen a PRESET/LAP  
MEMO(1 to 5) button is pressed.  
To Pre ve n t Accid e n t a l Ch a n g e o f  
t h e St a t io n Be in g Re ce ive d  
— HOLD Fu n ct io n  
You chose the wrong preset number.  
The memory of the station has been erased. Preset the  
station again.  
No t e  
When the AM channel step is changed, the clock  
To preset another station, repeat these steps.  
To change the preset station, tune in to the desired  
station and hold down PRESET/LAP MEMO (1 to 5).  
The new station will replace the previous station on  
the preset button.  
No t e s o n AM t u n in g st e p  
The AM tuning step differs depending on areas.  
The channel step is factory-set to 10 kHz.  
time and the lap time will be kept but the preset  
stations will be erased.  
Press HOLD.  
Sound is not heard and “i” flashes in the display.  
• Weak batteries.  
H” appears in the display to indicate all buttons are  
To cancel HOLD, press HOLD once. “H” disappears in  
Are a  
Ch a n n e l st e p  
the display.  
North and South  
Se le ct in g t h e Mo d e  
You can use this unit as a clock, radio, stopwatch  
or timer.  
To re ca ll  
p re se t st a t io n  
If HOLD is on when you replace the batteries, it will  
remain on after the batteries are replaced.  
American countries  
Sp e cifica t io n s  
Time display:  
Press POWER.  
Other countries  
Adjust the volume using VOL.  
Press BAND to select the band.  
Press PRESET/LAP MEMO (1 to 5).  
2-hour system  
Frequency range  
Press POWER.  
Press MODE to select a function mode.  
Each press changes the display as follows:  
In st a llin g t h e Ba t t e rie s  
(Se e Fig . A)  
Usin g t h e Ha n d St ra p  
(Se e Fig . C)  
FM : 87.5 – 108 MHz  
AM : 530 – 1,710 kHz  
Channel step  
0.1 MHz  
10 kHz  
Usin g t h e Co u n t d o w n  
Tim e r (On ly w h e n List e n in g  
t o t h e Ra d io )  
Radio frequency  
Countdown timer  
FM : 87.5 – 108 MHz  
AM : 531 – 1,710 kHz  
9 kHz  
Remove the belt holder.  
Use only the supplied hand strap.  
Attach the hand strap as shown in the illustration.  
Slide and open the lid at the rear of the unit.  
Insert two R03 (size AAA) batteries (not  
supplied) with correct polarity.  
* The frequency display is raised or lowered by steps  
of 0.1 MHz. (Example: Frequency 88.05 MHz is  
displayed as “88.0 MHz”).  
Insert the batteries from the negative }terminal to  
prevent a short-circuit, and in the order from 1to  
2as shown in the illustration.  
You can use the built-in countdown timer to turn  
off the radio automatically after a preset duration.  
Pre ca u t io n s  
When the power is off, the display switches between  
the clock and the stopwatch.  
2jack (stereo minijack), load impedance 16 ohms  
Pow er output  
20 mW + 20 mW (at 10 % harmonic distortion)  
Operate the unit only on 3 V DC with two R03 (size  
AAA) batteries.  
Avoid exposure to temperature extremes, direct  
sunlight, moisture, sand, dust or mechanical shock.  
Press POWER to turn on the radio.  
Press MODE to select the countdown timer.  
Pow er requirements  
Battery life  
Using Sony R03 ( AAA) batteries  
FM : Approx.  
AM: Approx.  
The “TIMER” indication flashes and “2:00“  
appears in the display.  
Never leave the unit in  
car parked in the sun.  
3 V DC, two R03 (size AAA) batteries  
Approx. 140.5 x 41 x 60.5 mm (w/ h/ d)  
Pla yin g t h e Ra d io  
Should anything fall into the unit, remove the batteries  
and have the unit checked by qualified personnel  
before operating it any further.  
To clean the casing, use a soft cloth dampened with a  
mild detergent solution.  
12 hours  
17 hours  
Press TUNE/TIME SET + or to set the desired  
countdown duration for the timer.  
/ / / 2 inches) incl. projecting parts and  
(4 1 8 x 1 5 8 x 2 1  
Ma n u a l Tu n in g  
Connect the headphones to the 2(headphones)  
The countdown duration can be set from 1 minutes  
to 2 hours, in 1-minute increments.  
Measured by JEITA (Japan Electronics and  
In vehicles or buildings, radio reception may be  
difficult or noisy. Try listening near a window.  
Approx. 103 g (3.6 oz.) not incl. battery  
Information Technology Industries Association)  
standards. The actual battery life may vary  
depending on the circumstance of the unit.  
Press POWER.  
The “RADIO ON” indication will appear in the  
The “TIMER” indication stops flashing and remains in  
the display, and countdown starts. After the preset  
countdown duration, the buzzer sounds and the radio  
turns off.  
No t e s o n He a d p h o n e s  
Acce sso rie s Su p p lie d  
Adjust the volume using VOL.  
Press BAND to select the band.  
Each press changes the band as follows:  
Road safety  
Do not use headphones while driving, cycling, or  
operating any motorized vehicle. It may create a  
traffic hazard and is illegal in many areas. It can also  
be potentially dangerous to play your headphones at  
high volume while walking, especially at pedestrian  
crossings. You should exercise extreme caution or  
discontinue use in potentially hazardous situations.  
Wh e n t o re p la ce t h e b a t t e rie s  
Stereo headphones (1)  
Belt holder (1)  
Hand strap (1)  
When the batteries become weak, the sound may  
become weak or distorted, and “i” will flash in the  
display. After that, when the batteries are used up,  
To stop the buzzer, press LAP/RESET or POWER. The  
buzzer will sound for 3 minutes if it is left on.  
To turn off the radio before the preset time, press  
i” will light and the power of the unit will be  
Design and specifications are subject to change  
without notice.  
turned off. If this happens, replace the batteries with  
new ones. The unit will switch to the clock mode from  
any other mode.  
*FM1 and FM2 are differenciated only for Preset  
tuning. For Manual or Auto Station Scan tuning  
of FM stations, select either band.  
To switch to the other modes, press MODE.  
No t e  
Preventing hearing damage  
The battery “i” indication in the display does not  
Press TUNE/TIME SET + or to tune in to the  
desired station.  
Avoid using headphones at high volume.  
Hearing experts advise against continuous, loud and  
extended play. If you experience a ringing in your  
ears, reduce volume or discontinue use.  
show the remaining power of the battery.  
Usin g t h e St o p w a t ch  
The stopwatch can time up to 99 hours 59 minutes  
and 59.99 seconds, in 1/ 100-second increments.  
To see the current time while listening to the radio,  
press CLOCK. The current time will appear for a few  
seconds and then the display returns to the radio  
No t e s o n b a t t e ry  
Insert the batteries with correct polarity.  
Do not mix new and used batteries.  
The batteries can not be charged.  
Remove the batteries when the unit is not to be used  
for a long time.  
Caring for others  
Press MODE to select the stopwatch.  
The “STPW” indication will appear in the display.  
Press START/STOP to start.  
The display shows the elapsed time.  
Press START/STOP to stop.  
To turn off the radio, press POWER.  
To improve the radio reception  
Keep the volume at a moderate level. This will allow  
you to hear outside sounds and to be considerate to  
people around you.  
FM :Extend the headphones cord which functions as  
the FM antenna (See Fig. B-a).  
AM:Rotate the unit horizontally for optimum  
reception. A ferrite bar antenna is built-in the  
unit (See Fig. B-b).  
Should any battery leakage occur, wipe the battery  
case well and install new batteries.  
Wa rn in g  
If there is lightning when you are using the unit, take  
off the headphones immediately.  
To reset to zero, press LAP/RESET when the  
stopwatch is in the stop status.  
R03 (AAA) x 2  
Set FM SENS to LOCALif interference is prevalent  
and reception is too strong. Under normal  
conditions, set it to DX.  
Se t t in g t h e Clo ck  
The display will flash “12:00” when the batteries  
are first inserted.  
The stopwatch comes with two display modes. To  
switch to the hour-minute-second display, press  
TUNE/TIME SET +. To switch to the minute-second-  
split second display, press TUNE/TIME SET.  
Do n o t Im m e rse in Wa t e r  
This product is designed to be splash-resistant, but  
should not be immersed in water or come in  
continuous contact with water.  
Hold down CLOCK for more than 2 seconds.  
Before installing the battery, be sure to wipe off  
drops of water on the unit.  
The supplied headphones are not meant to be  
in water or come in continuous contact with water.  
If they get wet, dry them with a soft cloth.  
Never use an electric hair dryer while wearing the  
The hour flashes in the display.  
Au t o St a t io n Sca n Tu n in g  
The Auto Station Scan function locates stations and  
automatically tunes in to them.  
To switch to the other modes during counting, press  
To listen to the radio while the stopwatch is running,  
press POWER. The display will switch to the radio  
frequency for a few seconds.  
Press POWER.  
Press TUNE/TIME SET + oruntil the correct  
hour appears in the display.  
The “RADIO ON” indication will appear in the  
Each press changes the digit(s) by one.  
When you keep the button pressed, the digit(s)  
change rapidly.  
Adjust the volume using VOL.  
Press BAND to select the band.  
Press SCAN.  
No t e s o n t h e Clo ck  
The clock’s digital display may become dim when  
exposed to heat. It will recover when the  
temperature returns to normal.  
When exposed to excessively high or low  
temperature (for example, in a car), the flashing of  
digits on the clock’s display may become slower.  
In a poorly lit place, the clock’s display may become  
Do not put the unit where its clock controls may be  
depressed accidentally.  
Do not leave the clock in temperatures below 0˚C or  
over 40˚C which may cause it to malfunction.  
La p Tim e Fu n ct io n  
Press LAP/RESET while the stopwatch is running.  
Press CLOCK.  
Scanning will start upward from the current  
frequency. The “SCAN” indication flashes in the  
display during scanning. When a station is  
received, the “SCAN” indication stops flashing  
and remains in the display for a few seconds. After  
a few seconds, the radio will scan for another  
The“LAP” indication will flash, and the current lap  
time will appear in the display for a few seconds.  
The minute starts to flash.  
The lap times are stored automatically onto PRESET/  
LAP MEMO 1 to 5.  
Repeat steps 2 and 3 to set the minute. After  
setting the minute, press CLOCK again. The clock  
starts from 0 seconds.  
When you have located a station and wish to stop  
Auto Station Scan, press SCAN once. The “SCAN”  
indication disappears.  
To cancel the Auto Station Scan, press SCAN or  
TUNE + or.  
12-hour system: “AM 12:00” = midnight  
If you have any questions or problems concerning  
your unit, please consult your nearest Sony dealer.  
PM 12:00”  

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