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To a t t a ch t h e b a t t e ry co m p a rt m e n t lid if it is  
a ccid e n t a lly d e t a ch e d  
The unit will play back normally for  
while even after the  
zOp e ra t in g t h e Un it  
Press or slide  
Ab o u t Th is Ma n u a l  
BATT lamp dims. However, replace the batteries as soon as  
you can. If you do not, subsequent recording will not be done  
Stop recording  
Pause recording  
The instructions in this manual are for 4 models. The  
TCM-453V is the model used for illustration purposes.  
Their differences are shown in the table below:  
Re co rd in g  
PAUSE cin the direction of the  
To release pause recording, release  
PAUSE c*.  
Ca sse t t e -Co rd e r  
Battery life (Approximate hours)  
You can record right away with the built-in microphone.  
Make sure that nothing is connected to the MIC jack.  
Operating Instructions  
Review the portion  
just recorded  
Press and hold 0REW/ REVIEW  
during recording.  
Release the button at the point to start  
TCM-473V 454VK 455V/453V  
Sony alkaline LR6 (SG)  
Sony R6P (SR)  
EAR (earphone) jack  
(Stereo headphones) jack  
Sony rechargeable  
battery (NC-AA)  
fully charged (TCM-  
454VK only)  
(Models for U.S.A. and Canada)  
* PAUSE cwill be also automatically released when pSTOP  
is pressed (stop-pause-release function).  
Battery charger adaptor  
Rechargeable batteries  
AC power adaptor  
Re ch a rg e a b le Ba t t e rie s (su p p lie d t o TCM-  
(Model for Europe)  
54VK o n ly)  
Sony Corporation  
1998 Printed in Taiwan, R.O.C.  
Before using the rechargeable batteries, charge them with  
the supplied battery charger adaptor and AC power  
To m o n it o r t h e so u n d  
For TCM-473V: Connect stereo headphones (supplied)  
firmly to the 2(headphones) jack.  
*Measured value by the standard of EIAJ (Electronic Industries  
Association of Japan). (Using Sony HF series cassette tape)  
g: provided or supplied —: not provided or not supplied  
Fo r cu st o m e rs in t h e Un it e d St a t e s  
Ow n e r’s Re co rd  
For TCM-455V/ 454VK/ 453V: Connect an earphone (not  
supplied) firmly to the EAR jack.  
AC pow er adaptor  
The battery life may shorten depending on the operation of the  
Battery charger  
The model number is located at the bottom and the serial  
number is located inside the cassette holder. Record the model  
and serial numbers in the spaces provided below. Refer to  
these numbers whenever you call upon your Sony dealer  
regarding this product.  
zGe t t in g St a rt e d  
Do not use  
(TYPE II) or metal (TYPE IV) tape, otherwise  
DC IN 3V  
Ho u se Cu rre n t  
the sound may be distorted when you play back the tape, or  
the previous recording may not be erased completely.  
The SPEED CONTROL switch works in the playback mode  
only. Recording will be made independent of this control.  
Pre p a rin g a Po w e r So u rce  
Choose one of the following power sources.  
Dry Ba t t e rie s  
AC pow er adaptor  
Pow er indicator  
Model No. ________________ Serial No.__________________  
DC IN 3V  
Notes on VOR (Voice Operated Recording)  
Insert the rechargeable batteries (NC-AA) into the  
battery charger adaptor with correct polarity.  
Connect the AC power adaptor (supplied to TCM-  
When you use the VOR system in  
stay in the recording mode. If the sound is too soft, on the  
contrary, the unit will not start recording. Set VOR to (high)  
noisy place, the unit will  
Make sure that nothing is connected to the DC IN 3V  
54VK) to the DC IN 3V jack of the battery charger  
Connect the AC power adaptor to DC IN 3V and to the  
wall outlet. The AC power adaptor is supplied only with  
the TCM-454VK. For other models, use the AC-E30HG  
AC power adaptor (not supplied). Do not use any other  
AC power adaptor.  
or L (low) depending on the conditions to pick up necessary  
sound only.  
To prevent fire or shock hazard, do not expose the  
unit to rain or moisture.  
adaptor and to the wall outlet.  
The power indicator lights up.  
The VOR system depends on the environmental conditions. If  
you cannot get the desired results even though you adjust  
Unplug the AC power adaptor from the wall outlet  
and from the battery charger adaptor after about  
eight hours.  
VOR to  
H or L, set VOR to OFF.  
Polarity of the plug  
To p re ve n t a t a p e fro m b e in g a ccid e n t a lly  
re co rd e d o ve r  
Break out and remove the cassette tabs. To reuse the tape  
for recording, cover the tab hole with adhesive tape.  
We lco m e !  
The power indicator lights in green as long as the AC power  
adaptor is plugged to the wall outlet and the DC IN 3V jack,  
even when the charging has not been done.  
Use only the supplied or recommended AC power adaptor,  
battery charger adaptor and rechargeable batteries.  
The rechargeable batteries can be charged approximately 500  
Do not leave the battery charger adaptor plugged in for more  
than 20 hours. Overcharging may damage the rechargeable  
Insert a normal (TYPE I) tape with the side to start  
recording facing the cassette holder.  
Thank you for purchasing the Sony Cassette-Corder.  
Some features are:  
VOR (Voice Operated Recording) system that starts and  
stops recording automatically in response to the sound,  
to save tapes and batteries.  
Open the battery compartment lid.  
Specifications for AC-E30HG varies for each area. Check your  
local voltage and the shape of plug before purchasing.  
Set VOR to: H or L to start and pause recording  
automatically to the sound.  
(high) to record at meetings or in a quiet and/  
or spacious place.  
L (low) to record for dictation or in a noisy place.  
OFF to start and stop recording manually.  
Insert two size R6 (AA) batteries (TCM-455V for  
U.S.A.: supplied/ Other models: not supplied) with  
correct polarity and close the lid.  
Tab for side  
SPEED CONTROL function that lets you increase or  
decrease the tape playback speed.  
Stereo playback function that lets you enjoy pre-  
recorded stereo tapes with the supplied headphones  
Do not charge  
Do not use new battery with an old one.  
Do not use different types of batteries.  
When you do not use the unit for long time, remove the  
a dry battery.  
(TCM-473V only).  
Wh e n t o re p la ce t h e b a t t e rie s  
Replace the batteries  
with new ones or charge  
the batteries (TCM-  
454VK only) when the  
BATT lamp dims.  
When the sound to be recorded is not loud enough, set the  
VOR switch to OFF, or the unit may not start recording.  
batteries to avoid any damage caused by battery leakage and  
subsequent corrosion.  
Dry batteries will not be expended when another power source  
is connected.  
Press rREC.  
BATT lamp  
Recording starts.  
At the end of the tape, recording stops and the unit turns  
off automatically.  
To t a ke o u t t h e b a t t e rie s  
After the batteries have been used for a while, the BATT lamp  
may flicker with the playback sound when you turn up the  
volume; however, this does not mean that you need to replace  
the batteries.  
Continue to the reverse side m  

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