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-268-877-11 (1)  
Getting Started  
Parts and Controls  
Enjoying Music  
Thank you for purchasing the NWZ-B103F/B105F* .  
Connect the player directly to a USB port on your computer.  
If the screen for selecting what you want Windows to do appears, select [Open folder to  
view files] and click [OK], and then go to step 3.  
By transferring songs from your computer to the player by drag and drop, you can enjoy them  
wherever you go. You can also listen to FM radio and record voice using the player.  
* Depending on the country/region in which you have purchased the player, some models may not be available.  
Open the folder in the hierarchy under [WALKMAN] from [My Computer].  
About the Manual  
Data hierarchy may differ, depending on your computer environment.  
Open the folder ([My Music], etc.) from where you want to transfer the audio  
files, and then drag and drop them onto the player.  
The audio files are transferred to the player.  
You can also transfer files to the player by dragging and dropping a folder.  
Use of the player is described in this Quick Start Guide, or in the Operation Guide (PDF file).  
Quick Start Guide (this manual): Explains basic operation of the player, including charging the  
battery, transferring, and playing songs.  
Operation Guide: Explains advanced features of the player and offers troubleshooting  
information. Install the Operation Guide in the computer according to “Installing the  
Operation Guide.”  
REC/STOP button  
(Headphone) jack  
Starts/stops recording. You can record the  
sound from the microphone or the currently  
received FM program.  
When connecting the headphones, insert the  
plug until it clicks into place. If connected  
improperly, it may not sound right.  
Disconnect the player from your computer, and then play transferred songs.  
Press the / (Power ON/OFF) button until the screen appears.  
/– button  
Strap hole  
This is used to attach a strap (sold separately).  
Press the /button to select (Music Library), and then press the button to  
VOL +*  
Supplied Accessories  
Adjusts the volume.  
The list of “Artist” and “Album,” etc., appears.  
Please check the accessories in the package.  
/ (Power ON/OFF) button  
RESET button  
Press the /button to select an item, and then press the button to confirm.  
Headphones (1)  
Turns on/off the player.  
Resets the player when you press the RESET  
button with a small pin, etc.  
To find the song you want, repeat this step.  
CD-ROM *  
MP3 Conversion Tool  
Operation Guide  
Press the /button to select a desired song, and then press the button to confirm.  
Selects a song, album, artist, folder or menu  
item. You can also skip to the beginning of  
the song/album/artist/folder, fast-forward or  
When you turn on the player after resetting  
it, the player activates resuming the previous  
setting items.  
Playback starts.  
Quick Start Guide (this manual) (1)  
To delete songs transferred to the player  
Connect the player to your computer, and then delete any unnecessary audio files using Windows  
Do not attempt to play this CD-ROM in an audio CD player.  
For recording sound by the player.  
HOLD switch  
You can protect the player against accidental  
operation by using the HOLD switch when  
carrying it.  
By rotating the HOLD switch in the direction  
of the arrow (), all operation buttons are  
Depending on the country/region in which you have purchased the player, the supplied software may be  
USB cap  
Remove the USB cap and insert the USB  
connector of the player to a USB port on your  
About the serial number  
The serial number provided for the player is required for  
customer registration. The number is shown on the rear of  
the USB connector base of the player.  
You can also transfer audio files using Windows Media Player 10 or 11. For details about usage, or support on  
Windows Media Player, refer to the Windows Media Player information from the following web site:  
* button  
Starts/pauses song playback or pauses/restarts  
recording. When a menu appears on the display,  
use this button to confirm menu item.  
ATRAC files need to be converted using the supplied MP3 Conversion Tool. (Audio data purchased from a  
music distribution service on the Internet cannot be converted.)  
Quick Start Guide  
Guide de démarrage  
NWZ-B103F / B105F  
Serial number  
To use the supplied MP3 Conversion Tool, install the supplied CD-ROM on your computer and select the  
icon from the left side of the install menu, then click [Start] on the bottom-right.  
Note that when converting ATRAC files to MP3 files, the ATRAC files are not deleted. You can also delete the  
ATRAC files by setting the Option.  
There are tactile dots. Use them to help with  
button operations.  
Installing the Operation Guide  
Returns to the previous menu. Press and hold  
this button to display the HOME menu.  
2007 Sony Corporation Printed in China  
*2 Functions which are marked near the buttons  
Install the Operation Guide (PDF file) for the player according as follows:  
are activated if you press them. Likewise functions  
See “About the HOME menu” of this manual and  
“Playing Music” in Operation Guide (PDF file).  
2. Log on as an administrator.  
. Turn on the computer to start Windows.  
near the buttons, are activated if you  
press and hold them.  
Only MP3/WMA files can be played on the player.  
To install the Operation Guide (PDF file), it is required to log on your computer as an  
Data hierarchy may differ, depending on your computer environment.  
Do not disconnect the player while files are being transferred. If you do, the file being transferred will be  
Owner’s Record  
The model and serial numbers are located on the rear of the USB connector base of the player. Record them in the space  
3. Insert the supplied CD-ROM into your computer.  
The install wizard will start automatically. Read the messages displayed on the screen carefully,  
and follow the on-screen instructions.  
4. When the install menu appears on the screen, select  
click [Install] on the right lower side of the screen.  
Follow the on-screen instructions to install the Operation Guide.  
Before Connecting the Player  
Before connecting the player to your computer, make sure that the OS is Windows XP (Service  
Pack 2 or later) or Windows Vista, and the installed Windows Media Player version on your  
computer is 10 or 11.  
provided below. Refer to these numbers in the spaces whenever you call upon your Sony dealer regarding this product.  
When disconnecting the player from your computer, follow the procedure below.  
Model No.  
Serial No.  
(Remove Hardware) in the task tray in the lower right portion of the screen. In  
the windows that appears, click [USB Mass Storage Device] or [USB Disk], and then click [Stop].  
On sample audio data  
icon on the left side of the screen, and  
Click [OK].  
The player is pre-installed with sample audio data. To delete this audio data, delete it using Windows Explorer.  
If you delete sample audio data, you cannot restore it. We cannot supply any replacement data.  
When “Safe To Remove Hardware” appears on the screen, disconnect the player from the computer.  
The icon and the messages displayed may be different depending on the installed OS.  
On Copyrights  
Charging the Battery  
To view the Operation Guide (PDF file)  
After installation is completed, a  
Operation Guide by clicking the  
“WALKMAN” and “WALKMAN” logo are registered trademarks of Sony Corporation.  
ATRAC is a trademark of Sony Corporation.  
icon appears on the desktop of the computer. You can view the  
The player’s battery is recharged while the player is connected to a running computer.  
Remove the USB cap and insert the USB connector to a USB port on your computer.  
About the HOME menu  
Microsoft, Windows, Windows Vista and Windows Media are trademarks or registered trademarks of Microsoft  
Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.  
The HOME menu appears when you turn on the player or press and hold the BACK/HOME  
button of the player. The HOME menu is the starting point to play songs, listen to FM radio, play  
recorded sound files, or change settings.  
Adobe and Adobe Reader are trademarks or registered trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States  
and/or other countries.  
MPEG Layer-3 audio coding technology and patents licensed from Fraunhofer IIS and Thomson.  
IBM and PC/AT are registered trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation.  
Macintosh is a trademark of Apple Inc.  
You need Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 or later, or Adobe Reader software in your computer. Adobe Reader can  
be downloaded from the Internet for free.  
Pentium is a trademark or a registered trademark of Intel Corporation.  
US and foreign patents licensed from Dolby Laboratories.  
All other trademarks and registered trademarks are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. In this  
For the latest information  
manual, TM and ® marks are not specified.  
If you have any questions about or issue with this product, visit the following web sites.  
For customers in the USA:  
This product is protected by certain intellectual property rights of Microsoft Corporation. Use or distribution of such  
technology outside of this product is prohibited without a license from Microsoft or an authorized Microsoft subsidiary.  
For customers in Canada:  
USB connector  
4 icons appear in the HOME menu with the current selection in the center. The current icon  
changes depending on the function you use. By pressing the /button, you can select an  
icon, and then press the button to confirm.  
Content providers are using the digital rights management technology for Windows Media contained in this device  
“WM-DRM”) to protect the integrity of their content (“Secure Content”) so that their intellectual property, including  
copyright, in such content is not misappropriated.  
Note on formatting the player  
This device uses WM-DRM software to play Secure Content (“WM-DRM Software”). If the security of the WM-DRM  
Software in this device has been compromised, owners of Secure Content (“Secure Content Owners”) may request that  
Microsoft revoke the WM-DRM Software’s right to acquire new licenses to copy, display and/or play Secure Content.  
Do not format the built-in flash memory using Windows Explorer. If you format the built-in flash  
memory, format it on the player.  
Plays/deletes recorded sound file.  
For details, see “Listening/Recording Voice” in Operation Guide (PDF file).  
When the remaining battery indication of the display shows:  
, charging is complete.  
Revocation does not alter the WM-DRM Software’s ability to play unprotected content.  
list of revoked WM-DRM Software  
For details, see “Settings” in Operation Guide (PDF file).  
When you use the player for the first time, or if you have not used the player for a long time,  
Plays transferred songs on the player.  
is sent to your device whenever you download  
license for Secure Content from the Internet or from  
PC. Microsoft may, in  
recharge it fully until  
appears on the screen. Charging takes about 120 minutes when the  
Music Library  
conjunction with such license, also download revocation lists onto your device on behalf of Secure Content Owners.  
For details, see “Playing Music” in Operation Guide (PDF file).  
battery power is completely used up.  
Plays FM radio, or plays back or deletes a recorded FM program.  
For details, see “Listening/Recording FM Radio” in Operation Guide (PDF file).  
Program ©2007 Sony Corporation  
Documentation ©2007 Sony Corporation  
Sets function settings of music, FM, voice recording, or the player.  
For details, see “Settings” in Operation Guide (PDF file).  
Be careful not to accidentally bump or put stress on the player when it is connected to your computer. It may  
be damaged.  

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