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Music discs encoded with copyright  
ꢁe use of optical instruments with this product will  
increase eye hazard.  
protection technologies  
Basic Operations  
ꢁis product is designed to playback discs that conform  
to the Compact Disc (CD) standard. Recently, various  
music discs encoded with copyright protection  
technologies are marketed by some record companies.  
Please be aware that among those discs, there are some  
that do not conform to the CD standard and may not be  
playable by this product.  
Once you have installed the XM Mini-Tuner Dock, inserted the XM  
Mini-Tuner, connected the XM Dock to your XM Ready® home audio  
system, and installed the antenna, you are ready to subscribe and  
begin receiving XM programming. ꢁere are three places to ꢀnd your  
eight character XM Radio ID: on the XM Mini-Tuner, on the XM  
Mini-Tuner package, and on XM Channel 0. Record the Radio ID in  
the following eight squares for reference.  
For customers in the USA  
ꢁis equipment has been tested and found to comply  
with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant  
to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. ꢁese limits are designed  
to provide reasonable protection against harmful  
Listening to FM or AM radio  
Personal Audio System  
To listen to FM or AM  
Press RADIO BANDAUTO PRESET on the unit  
(RADIOBAND on the remote) repeatedly to  
select FM or AM.  
interference in a residential installation. ꢁis equipment  
generates, uses, and can radiate radio frequency energy  
and, if not installed and used in accordance with the  
instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio  
communications. However, there is no guarantee that  
interference will not occur in a particular installation. If  
this equipment does cause harmful interference to radio  
or television reception, which can be determined by  
turning the equipment oꢃ and on, the user is encouraged  
to try to correct the interference by one or more of the  
following measures:  
PFloearsecreugsistteor mthiseprrosdiunct tohn leineUaSt A  
Note: ꢁe XM Radio ID does not use the letters “I”, “O”, “S” or  
“F”. Activate your XM Satellite Radio service in the U.S. online at or call 1-800-XM-RADIO (1-800-967-  
Operating Instructions  
Hold down TUNE/CHANNEL + or – until the  
frequency digits begin to change in the display.  
Proper registration will enable us to send you periodic  
mailings about new product, services and other  
important announcements. Registering your product  
will also allow us to contact you in the unlikely event  
that the product needs adjustment or modiꢀcation.  
ꢁank you.  
2th3e46sa).teYloliutews tioll anceteivdaatemthaejofrucllrecdhiatncnaerdl l.iXneMup  
. iAllcsteivnadtiaonsignnoarml farollmy  
ꢁe unit automatically scans the radio frequencies and  
stops when it ꢀnds a clear station.  
If you cannot tune in a station, press TUNE/  
CHANNEL + or – repeatedly to change the  
frequency step by step.  
When an FM stereo broadcast is received, “ST”  
Owner’s Record  
takes 10 to 15 minutes, but during peak busy periods you may need to  
keep your XM Ready home audio system on for up to an hour. When  
you can access the full channel lineup on your XM Ready home audio  
system you are done.  
ꢁe model number is located at the bottom and the serial number is located in the battery compartment.  
Record the serial number in the space provided below. Refer to them whenever you call upon your Sony dealer  
regarding this product.  
Model No.  
Serial No.  
To receive the SIRIUS Satellite Radio  
SIRIUS Satellite Radio: The Best Radio On Radio  
SIRIUS brings all your favorite entertainment including 100%  
commercial-free music, plus superior sports coverage, uncensored  
talk and comedy, world-class entertainment, news, weather and more  
for your car, home or oꢂce.  
Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna.  
Increase the separation between the equipment and  
e XM name and related logos are registered  
trademarks of XM Satellite Radio Inc.  
The back of the unit  
If the FM broadcast is noisy, press MODE until “MONO” appears  
in the display and the radio will play in monaural.  
c) 2006 SIRIUS Satellite Radio Inc. “SIRIUS” and the  
Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit  
diꢃerent from that to which the receiver is connected.  
SIRIUS dog logo are registered trademarks of SIRIUS  
Satellite Radio Inc.  
Sirius is available in the US for subscribers with addresses in the  
continental US and is available in Canada for subscribers with  
2007 Sony Corporation Printed in China  
Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/TV  
TM and (R) marks are omitted in this manual.  
Listening to satellite radio  
You can operate and listen to XM or SIRIUS satellite  
radio by connecting an optional antenna or tuner. Before  
using the unit, connect the XM Mini-Tuner and Home  
Dock or the SiriusConnect Home tuner to the unit.  
Canadian address. Required subscription plus compatible  
technician for help.  
SiriusConnect Home Tuner with antenna are required and sold  
separately. SIRIUS Programming is subject to change. Visit sirius.  
com or for the most complete and up-to-date channel  
lineup and product information. “SIRIUS” and the SIRIUS dog logo  
and related marks are trademarks of Sirius Satellite Radio Inc. All  
rights reserved.  
is device complies with Part 15 of the FCC rules.  
Operation is subject to the following two conditions:  
1) ꢁis device may not cause harmful interference, and  
(2) this device must accept any interference received,  
including interference that may cause undesired  
To Subscribe to SIRIUS Satellite Radio  
Purchase and connect a SiriusConnect Home Tuner to your Sirius  
Ready home audio system. You are then ready to activate and  
subscribe to Sirius by either calling 1.888.539.SIRIUS (7474) or log on  
to It is that easy.  
Connect the XM Mini-Tuner and Home Dock to the XM  
jack on the unit, or the SIRIUS Connect Home tuner  
to the SIRIUS connector on the unit. You can also  
connect both tuner units.  
To reduce the risk of ꢀre or electric shock,  
do not expose this apparatus to rain or  
You are cautioned that any changes or modiꢀcations  
not expressly approved in this manual could void your  
authority to operate this equipment.  
To reduce the risk of ꢀre, do not cover the ventilation of  
the apparatus with newspapers, tablecloths, curtains, etc.  
And do not place lighted candles on the apparatus.  
Notes on DualDiscs  
A DualDisc is a two sided disc product which mates  
DVD recorded material on one side with digital  
audio material on the other side. However, since the  
audio material side does not conform to the Compact  
Disc (CD) standard, playback on this product is not  
Playing a CD  
1 Press CD on the unit.  
XM Mini-Tuner and Home  
Dock (not supplied)  
To reduce the risk of ꢀre or electric shock, do not place  
objects ꢀlled with liquids, such as vases, on the apparatus.  
ꢁis symbol is intended to alert the  
user to the presence of uninsulated  
“CD” appears in the display.  
Connect the apparatus to an easily accessible AC  
outlet. Should you notice an abnormality in the  
apparatus, disconnect the main plug from the AC outlet  
“dangerous voltage” within the product’s  
enclosure that may be of suꢂcient  
magnitude to constitute a risk of electric  
shock to persons.  
Press on the unit, and place a disc with the  
label side up on the CD tray.  
e SIRIUS Connect Home tuner need not be connected  
to a wall outlet through the AC power adaptor since it is  
powered from the unit.  
To close the CD tray, press on the unit.  
Do not install the appliance in a conꢀned space, such as a  
bookcase or built-in cabinet.  
ꢁis symbol is intended to alert the user  
to the presence of important operating  
and maintenance (servicing) instructions  
in the literature accompanying the  
Satellite Radio Home Antenna  
(not supplied)  
Press on the unit.  
ꢁe unit plays all the tracks once.  
DIN cable (not supplied)  
SiriusConnect Home Tuner  
Power sources  
VOLUME + on the unit and 5 on the remote have a  
,   
tactile dot.  
not supplied)  
Battery life  
For player:  
With 3.2-ohm loads, both channels driven from 150  
per channel-minimum RMS power, with no more than 10  
distortion in AC operation.  
000 Hz; rated 1.8  
FM Radio reception  
Track number  
Playing time  
To listen to XM or SIRIUS  
total harmonic  
Beꢀore using the unit  
Sony R20P: approx. 18  
Sony alkaline LR20: approx. 38  
Switch to XM or SIRIUS when the unit is turned  
Pause playback  
Other speciꢀcations  
To turn on/oꢁ the power  
Press POWER .  
. To resume play, press it again.  
SIRIUS Radio reception  
CD player section  
Sony R20P: approx. 1.5  
Stop playback  
Press POWER to turn on the unit.  
Compact disc digital audio system  
Laser diode properties  
Sony alkaline LR20: approx.  
To adjust the volume  
Press VOLUME +, – .  
Go to the next track  
(on the remote) .  
(on the remote) .  
Press SATELLITE-RADIO to select “XM”or “SIRIUS”.  
XM Radio reception  
Emission duration: Continuous  
Laser output: Less than 44.6 µW  
Sony R20P: approx.  
Sony alkaline LR20: approx. 9.5 h  
Go back to the  
previous track  
Press MODE repeatedly until “CAT”disappears to  
select All Channel mode.  
to a wall  
ꢁis output is the value measured at  
distance of  
to AC IN  
about 200 mm from the objective lens surface on the  
CD playback  
To listen through headphones  
Connect the headphones to the (headphones) jack .  
Locate a point while  
(forward) or   
while playing and hold it  
Press TUNE/CHANNEL + or – repeatedly to select  
the channel.  
optical pick-up block with  
Number of channels  
mm aperture.)  
Sony R20P: approx.  
Sony alkaline LR20: approx. 17  
until you find the point. (On the remote,  
use or)  
To select the sound characteristic  
Press SOUND repeatedly to select the audio emphasis  
you want.  
On the remote  
Connect the AC power cord or insert six R20 (size D) batteries (not supplied) into the battery compartment .  
Frequency response  
20 000 Hz +1/–1 dB  
It is recommended that you use alkaline batteries.  
Locate a point while  
observing the display  
(forward) or   
(backward) in pause and hold it until  
you find the point. (On the remote, use  
or )  
Press RADIOBAND repeatedly to select “XM” or  
Wow and ꢄutter  
Approx. 480  
7/8 inches) (incl. projecting parts)  
250 mm (w/h/d)  
Below measurable limit  
Replace the batteries when the OPR/BATT indicator dims or when the unit stops operating.  
Replace all the batteries with new ones. Before you replace the batteries, be sure to take out the CD from the unit.  
To use the unit on batteries, disconnect the AC power cord from the unit.  
Radio section  
Frequency range  
Approx. 4.3 kg (9 lb.  
Supplied accessories  
AC power cord (1)  
Remote control (1)  
oz) (incl. batteries)  
To get  
specific track  
To select a channel in Category mode  
The number button of the track on  
the remote.  
FM: 87.5  
AM: 530  
108 MHz  
Powerful, clean sounds, emphasizing low and  
high range audio  
Do steps 1 to 3 of “To listen to XM or SIRIUS”to  
select “XM”or “SIRIUS”.  
When you operate the unit on batteries, you cannot turn on the unit using the remote.  
710 kHz  
Remove the CD  
FM: Telescopic antenna  
AM: Built-in ferrite bar antenna  
Design and speciꢀcations are subject to change without notice.  
Light, bright sounds emphasizing high and  
middle range audio  
Press MODE repeatedly until “CAT”appears.  
Optional accessories  
Sony MDR headphones series  
On the remote  
Full range: 10 cm (4 in.) dia., 3.2 , cone type (2)  
Percussive sounds, emphasizing bass audio  
To select CD function, press FUNCTIONrepeatedly  
or – on the remote) repeatedly to select the  
Preparing the remote  
The presence of vocals, stressing middle  
range audio  
to select “CD” in the display.  
Insert two R03 (size AAA) batteries (not supplied).  
AUDIO IN jack (stereo minijack): Minimum input level 245 mV  
Headphones jack (stereo minijack)  
For 16 64 impedance headphones  
Power output  
.3 (at 3.2 , 10% harmonic distortion)  
To locate a track by number on the remote  
For track 1: Press 1 , and then ENTER .  
For track 12: Press 1, 2 , and then ENTER .  
Press TUNE/CHANNEL + or – repeatedly to select  
the channel.  
The whole dynamic range for music such as  
classical music  
To reinforce the bass sound  
Press MEGA BASS to display “MAGA BASS” in the  
To return to normal sound, press MEGA BASS to  
disappear from the display.  
To select a channel using the number buttons  
Press the number buttons on the remote.  
For example, to enter 123, press 1,2, 3 , and then  
Power requirements  
For player:  
DC, R20 (size D) batteries  
AC, 60 Hz  
You cannot locate  
speciꢀc track if “SHUF” or “PGM” is lit in the  
, and then press MODE  
repeatedly until  
“SHUF” and “PGM” disappears from the display.  
display. Press  
For remote control:  
Power consumption  
AC 19  
R03 (size AAA) batteries  
Replacing batteries  
With normal use, the batteries should last for about six months. When the remote no longer operates the unit, replace all  
the batteries with new ones.  
If you select a channel using the number buttons in Category  
mode, the tuning mode changes to All Channel mode automatically.  
You cannot switch from XM to SIRIUS (or vice versa) while the  
To receive the XM Satellite Radio  
uvenristai)stur,nbeedsounre. Itfoytouurnwtahnet utonistwoiꢃtchꢀrfsrto.m XM to SIRIUS (or vice  
XM oꢃers over 170 digital radio channels: the most commercial-free  
music channels, premier news, sports, talk, and traꢂc and weather in  
cannot select a SIRIUS channel using TUNE/CHANNEL + or  
if the Parental Lock is set for the channel.  
21 metro markets. XM’s on-air hosts broadcast live from studios in  
Washington, D.C., New York City and Nashville.  
For more information or to subscribe in the US, visit or  
call Listener Care at 1-800-XMRADIO (1-800-967-2346).  
To check your XM Radio ID or SIRIUS ID number  
Press the number button 0 , then press ENTER to  
select channel 0.  
XM monthly service subscription sold separately. XM Mini-Tuner and  
Home Dock required (each sold separately) to receive XM service.  
Installation costs and other fees and taxes, including a one-time  
activation fee may apply. Subscription fee is consumer only. All fees  
and programming subject to change. Channels with frequent explicit  
language are indicated with an XL. Channel blocking is available for  
XM radio receivers by calling 1-800-XMRADIO (1-800-967-2346).  
For a full listing of the XM commercial-free channels and advertising  
supported channels, visit Subscriptions subject  
to Customer Agreement available at XM service only  
available in the 48 contiguous United States. XM Satellite Radio and  
XM Ready are trademarks of XM Satellite Radio Inc. (C)2006 XM  
Satellite Radio Inc. All rights reserved.  

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