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Additional Information  
On safety  
On placement  
As the laser beam used in the CD  
player section is harmful to the eyes,  
do not attempt to disassemble the  
casing. Refer servicing to qualified  
personnel only.  
• Do not leave the player in a location  
near heat sources, or in a place subject  
to direct sunlight, excessive dust or  
mechanical shock.  
Do not place the player on an inclined  
or unstable place.  
Should any solid object or liquid fall  
into the player, unplug the player, and  
have it checked by qualified personnel  
before operating it any further.  
Do not place anything within 10 mm  
of the side of the cabinet. The  
ventilation holes must be  
unobstructed for the player to operate  
properly and prolong the life of its  
On power sources  
For AC operation, use the supplied  
AC power cord; do not use any other  
If the player is left in a car parked in  
the sun, be sure to choose a location in  
the car where the player will not be  
subjected to the direct rays of the sun.  
The player is not disconnected from  
the AC power source (mains) as long  
as it is connected to the wall outlet,  
even if the player itself has been  
turned off.  
Since a strong magnet is used for the  
speakers, keep personal credit cards  
using magnetic coding or spring-  
wound watches away from the player  
to prevent possible damage from the  
Unplug the player from the wall outlet  
when it is not to be used for an  
extended period of time.  
For battery operation, use six size D  
R20) batteries.  
On operation  
When the batteries are not to be used,  
remove them to avoid damage that  
can be caused by battery leakage or  
• If the player is brought directly from a  
cold to a warm location, or is placed in  
a very damp room, moisture may  
condense on the lenses inside the CD  
player section. Should this occur, the  
player will not operate properly. In  
this case, remove the CD and wait  
about an hour for the moisture to  
The nameplate indicating operating  
voltage, power consumption, etc. is  
located at the rear.  
If the player has not been used for a  
long time, set it in the playback mode  
to warm it up for a few minutes before  
inserting a cassette.  
If you have any questions or problems  
concerning your player, please consult  
your nearest Sony dealer.  
Additional Information  

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