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Supplied Items  
Three Ways to Transfer Music  
How to Install the Bundled Software (Operation Guide included)  
How to Use the Player  
How to use the Home menu  
The [Home] menu appears when you press and hold the  
Please check the items in the package.  
BACK/HOME button. The [Home] menu is the starting point  
Headphones (1)  
USB cable (1)  
Attachment (1)  
1ꢀ Connectꢀtheꢀplayerꢀtoꢀyourꢀcomputer.  
The WALKMAN Guide includes the following items:  
to play audio, search for songs, changing settings, etc.  
From the [Home] menu, you can select the desired item on the  
screen by using the 5-way button.  
After executing [Setup.exe], the WALKMAN Guide  
BACK/HOME button  
shortcut appears on the desktop of your computer.  
Operation Guide  
The following contents can be viewed as  
Use when connecting the player to the optional cradle, etc.  
With the player connected to your computer,  
when installation of bundled software is  
completed, Content Transfer starts automatically.  
PDF file.  
5-way button  
Details on how to use the player  
How to use software to transfer content to the player  
Quick Start Guide  
Stand (1)  
Quick Start Guide (this manual) (1)  
Software (1)  
The software is stored in the built-in flash memory of the  
player, and includes the following items:  
Supplied USB cable  
Double-clickꢀ ꢀ(WALKMANꢀGuide)ꢀonꢀ  
For details on transferring music, etc., refer to the  
Operation Guide included in the WALKMAN  
Customer Registration Link  
Customer Support Link  
Other useful Links  
Includes link information, etc., on the download site.  
How to Install the  
Bundled Software  
Select [start] - [My Computer] or [Computer] -  
[WALKMAN] - [Storage Media].  
Charging the Battery  
The player’s battery is recharged while the player is connected  
to running computer.  
Return to the previous screen.  
The bundled items differ depending on the country/region of  
Home menu  
How to Use the Player  
Content Transfer  
Operation Guide, etc.  
FM Radio  
Content Transfer supports data transfer from iTunes 8.1 to the  
For details on how to install, refer to “How to Install the  
Bundled Software”.  
3ꢀ Double-clickꢀ[Setup.exe].  
You can start the WALKMAN Guide and Content Transfer from  
tIhf eyo[ustadretl]etmeetnhue [(Sdeistuppla.yexede]bfyileclaicnkdin[Ign[ssttaalrl]t]f)o.lder in the player  
After executing [Setup.exe] you can use the free space in the  
[Storage Media] folder more effectively by formatting the built-in  
flash memory of the player. To format the built-in flash memory  
of the player, see “To initialize (format) the player” on the  
Shuffle All  
Voice Recording  
The install wizard appears.  
When you execute [Setup.exe], the [Setup.exe]  
file and [Install] folder stored in the [Storage  
Media] folder of the player are copied to your  
computer for backup, and WALKMAN Guide  
and Content Transfer are installed to your  
Before Connecting the Player to  
Your Computer  
by formatting the built-in flash memory of the player, copy this  
data from the [Backup] folder on the computer to your player.  
Then connecting the player to the computer to be installed, follow  
Now Playing  
the above procedure from step  
to install.  
Turning the Player On and Off  
Make sure that the OS is Windows XP (Service Pack 2 or later)  
or Windows Vista (Service Pack 1), and the installed Windows  
Media Player version on your computer is 11.  
For details about usage, or support on Windows Media Player,  
refer to the Windows Media Player information from the  
following web site:  
The backup data is preserved in the following [C] drive on your  
cCo:\mPprougterrambyFtihleesd\Seofanuyl\tWinAstLaKllMseAttNingG. uide\NWZ-S540\Backup  
NWZ-S544 / S545  
To turn on  
To turn off  
Press any button.  
Press and hold the OPTION/PWR OFF  
For details on transferring music, videos or photos, refer to the  
Operation Guide. The Operation Guide can be readily viewed  
from the WALKMAN Guide.  
Information area  

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