User manual Philips GoGear Opus SA1OPS16K

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MP3 video player with FullSound™  
Opus 16GB  
possible with normal headphones. Based on  
thorough understanding of the human ear  
canal anatomy, the sound isolation earphone’s  
angled acoustic design creates a perfect seal  
between the ambient sound source and the ear  
canal, thus eliminating unwanted background  
noise while delivering sound directly to your  
ears. Even at a moderate volume setting, you  
can still discern music details without noise  
distractions from the environment. Earphone  
sleeves are available in three sizes to provide  
the best fit.  
Philips' innovative FullSound technology  
faithfully restores sonic details to compressed  
MP3 music, dramatically enriching and  
enhancing it, so you can experience CD music  
without any distortion. Based on an audio  
post-processing algorithm, FullSound  
combines Philips' renowned expertise in music  
reproduction with the power of the latest  
generation Digital Signal Processor (DSP). The  
result is fuller bass with more depth and  
impact, boosted voice and instrument clarity,  
and rich detail. Rediscover your compressed  
MP3 music in true-to-life sound that will touch  
your soul and move your feet. is your destination for the widest  
selection of digital audiobooks, magazines,  
radio shows, stand-up comedy, and more  
available for download. Enjoy books in the car,  
at the gym, or around the house. Authors and  
icons read their own works, and famous actors  
narrate your favorite titles. At  
you can browse and sample over 60,000  
selections, including the latest best sellers and  
timeless classics.  
Double action search keys allow easy speed  
control when scrolling through large libraries.  
You can choose to move through your playlist  
one song or video at a time or just press and  
hold down a little harder to SuperScroll™  
swiftly to your desired file.  
Sound Isolation  
With sound isolation, you will hear and enjoy  
greater music details at a lower volume than is  

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