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. Ins tallation  
.1 What you will need  
A category 5 (or better) twisted pair cable of the required length to connect the  
AdderLink XL and XR units together. These cables contain 4 pairs of twisted  
wires. Specifications and recommended cable types are given in appendix A.  
AdderLink supports cable lengths up to 200 metres. Structured wiring within  
buildings may also be used together with suitable patch cables but the number of  
cable connections should be kept to a minimum to maximise signal quality.  
Cables to connect the AdderLink XL unit to your computer. Cable specifications  
are given in appendix A. Cable packs are available for the AdderLink if you do not  
wish to purchase individual cables. You do not need to connect cables for devices  
that you do not wish to use with the exception of the keyboard cable which the  
AdderLink XL unit uses to draw power from the computer. If you do not wish to  
connect a keyboard then you may alternatively purchase an optional power  
adapter (part code: PSU-IEC-5V DC)  
A monitor with a standard VGA/SVGA (15 pin) connector that will work when  
connected directly to your computer. If you are connecting an additional computer  
to the AdderLink Gold XR unit then the monitor must also work when connected  
directly to this computer. AdderLink supports low and high resolution monitors.  
A standard AT or PS/2 style keyboard. If you are using an AT keyboard with a 5  
pin connector you may connect this to the AdderLink using a standard AT to PS/2  
keyboard adapter.  
A PS/2 style two or three button Microsoft or Logitech compatible mouse or a  
Microsoft IntelliMouse compatible mouse. If you have an AdderLink Gold and you  
wish to use the mouse to switch the XR unit’s channel then you will need a three  
button mouse or an IntelliMouse.  
The AdderLink supports ‘Internet Mice’ that are compatible with the Microsoft  
IntelliMouse. These are fitted with a wheel or other scroll control and sometimes  
have additional buttons. Examples are: Microsoft IntelliMouse, Logitech Pilot  
Mouse+, Logitech MouseMan+, Genius NetMouse and Genius NetMouse Pro.)  
Installation and Use  
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