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ARM9 microcontroller with CAN and LIN  
Rev. 1.01 — 15 November 2007  
Preliminary data sheet  
. Introduction  
1.1 About this document  
This document lists detailed information about the LPC2917/19 device. It focuses on  
factual information like pinning, characteristics etc. Short descriptions are used to outline  
the concept of the features and functions. More details and background on developing  
applications for this device are given in the LPC2917/19 User Manual (see Ref. 1). No  
explicit references are made to the User Manual.  
1.2 Intended audience  
This document is written for engineers evaluating and/or developing systems, hard-  
and/or software for the LPC2917/19. Some basic knowledge of ARM processors and  
architecture and ARM968E-S in particular is assumed (see Ref. 2).  
. General description  
2.1 Architectural overview  
The LPC2917/19 consists of:  
An ARM968E-S processor with real-time emulation support  
An AMBA multi-layer Advanced High-performance Bus (AHB) for interfacing to the  
on-chip memory controllers  
Two DTL buses (a universal NXP interface) for interfacing to the interrupt controller  
and the Power, Clock and Reset Control cluster (also called subsystem)  
Three VLSI Peripheral Buses (VPB - a compatible superset of ARM's AMBA  
advanced peripheral bus) for connection to on-chip peripherals clustered in  
The LPC2917/19 configures the ARM968E-S processor in little-endian byte order. All  
peripherals run at their own clock frequency to optimize the total system power  
consumption. The AHB2VPB bridge used in the subsystems contains a write-ahead buffer  
one transaction deep. This implies that when the ARM968E-S issues a buffered write  
action to a register located on the VPB side of the bridge, it continues even though the  
actual write may not yet have taken place. Completion of a second write to the same  
subsystem will not be executed until the first write is finished.  

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