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LIVING VIDEOTEXT, INC. 1000 Elwell Ct., Suite 232, Palo Alto, CA 94303  
THIS SHEET IS IMPORTANT! It brings you up to date on several minor  
errata, program changes, and tips we’ve discovered since the last  
printing of the ThinkTank Manual. We suggest you make note of these  
changes in your Copy.  
Page—by—page list of additions, changes, and corrections  
Page 7, third paragraph: Look for your ThinkTank serial number on  
your Registration Card instead of on your screen. Copy it in your  
ThinkTank Manual where you can find it easily, should you ever need  
to call us for assistance.  
Pages 9—11: ThinkTank requires your printer interface card to be in  
slot 1.  
Page 67, last line: One important exception: The first character  
of the headline you enter must not be a blank space. (This  
exception applies only to a headline at the “summit” position.)  
Page 76, the third paragraph should read: “There are three  
constraints on ThinkTank paragraphs. First, like headlines, they  
can't be blank. (Unlike headlines, there is no way to create the  
effect of a blank paragraph.)”  
Page 95, first sentence: Beginning with serial no. 4281 it should  
read, “...the formatting program will name it TEXT:.”  
Page 111:  
Our current address appears at the top of this sheet.  
Page 123, the first * after the paragraph should read: 'Press the  
right arrow key to set the flashing component forward by one, or the  
left arrow key to set it backward.”  
Page 158, concering “Verbose Explanation”; The maximum length of a  
"verbose explanation” is 36 characters; any screen prompt to the  
contrary is wrong.  
Additional documentation you may need to know about  
ThinkTank for the Apple II Plus and the Apple IIe are now shipped  
with a separate sheet entitled, TRANSLATE UTILITY PROGRAM  
DOCUMENTATION. ThinkTank for the Apple II Plus also includes  
another separate sheet entitled, VIDEX VERSION PACT SHEET. If you  
are missing a sheet that should have been sent to you, please let us  

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