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Advanced Features  
LegacySelect Technology Control  
Password Protection  
System Setup  
Jumper Settings  
Power Button  
IEEE 1394  
U320 SCSI Controller  
Integrated Striping  
LegacySelect Technology Control  
LegacySelect technology control offers legacy-full, legacy-reduced, or legacy-free solutions based on common platforms, hard-drive images, and help desk  
LegacySelect allows administrators to electronically activate or deactivate connectors and media devices that include serial and USB connectors, a parallel  
connector, a floppy drive, and a PS/2 mouse. Connectors and media devices that are deactivated make resources available. You must restart the computer for  
the changes to take effect.  
Alert Standard Format  
ASF is a DMTF management standard that specifies "pre-operating system" or "operating system-absent" alerting techniques. It is designed to generate an  
alert on potential security and fault conditions when the operating system is in a sleep state or the computer is powered down. ASF is designed to supersede  
previous operating system-absent alerting technologies.  
Your computer supports the following ASF alerts and remote capabilities:  
Bad CPU  
The microprocessor has been unable to execute its first instructions.  
The computer has been opened or the chassis intrusion alert has been cleared.  
The BIOS is corrupted.  
Chassis Intrusion/Chassis Intrusion Cleared  
Corrupt BIOS  
Failure to Boot to BIOS  
System Password Failure  
Entity Presence  
The BIOS did not complete loading upon initiation.  
The system password is invalid (after 3 failed attempts).  
Periodic Heartbeats have been transmitted to verify computer presence.  
The computer temperature is out of limits.  
Temperature - Too High (critical)  
Voltage Too Low  
The computer voltage is out of limits.  
Too High (critical)  
Cooling Device Limits  
The computer fan speed/rpm is out of limits.  
Ethernet Connectivity Enabled/Ethernet Connectivity Disabled The Ethernet connectivity is enabled or Ethernet connectivity is disabled.  
Power Supply A fan or voltage failure exists inside the power supply.  
For more information about Dell's ASF implementation, see the ASF User's Guide and the ASF Administrator's Guide, available on the Dell Support website at  
Dell OpenManage IT Assistant  
IT Assistant configures, manages, and monitors computers and other devices on a corporate network. IT Assistant manages assets, configurations, events  
alerts), and security for computers equipped with industry-standard management software. It supports instrumentation that conforms to SNMP, DMI, and CIM  
industry standards.  
Dell OpenManage Client instrumentation, which is based on DMI and CIM, is available for your computer. For information on IT Assistant, see the Dell  
OpenManage IT Assistant User's Guide available on the Dell Support website at  
Dell OpenManage Client Instrumentation  

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