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If the computer starts up: If you hear a tone, the computer has started up. You  
need to turn it off before proceeding. To do so, press the power button (also  
called the standby power button), marked with the ® symbol on the back of  
the computer.  
Connecting a monitor  
You can connect many types of monitors to your Macintosh. To connect a  
monitor, refer to the instructions that came with it in addition to the  
instructions here.  
Connecting the monitor power cord  
Monitors have two cords to connect: a monitor power cord and a monitor  
video cable.  
To connect the monitor power cord, follow these steps:  
Place the monitor where you’ll be using it.  
You may place it on top of your computer. Keep these considerations in mind:  
m Allow 3 or more inches for air circulation around the sides of the computer  
and monitor.  
m Position the monitor so the top of the screen is slightly below eye level  
when you sit at the keyboard.  
m Position the monitor to minimize glare and reflections on the screen from  
overhead lights and windows.  
m Consult “Arranging Your Office” in Appendix A for suggestions on  
positioning your computer equipment.  
Getting Started  

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