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Hi8™Handycam® Camcorder  
The CCD-TRV138 provides high quality video and audio recording. It includes NightShot® Plus Infrared Recording  
for capturing video in No Light (0 Lux) and provides a built-in light LED for capturing video in vivid color while  
in difficult lighting situations.  
Video Hi8™Recording  
Records outstanding video qualityup to  
NightShot®Plus Infrared System  
With Sony's NightShot Infrared System you  
can capture naturallooking video,even  
when shooting in low light.Record subjects  
up to 10 feet away using the built-in  
infrared system,without the monochrome  
color common with earlier low-light  
recording systems.  
Battery Information  
At the touch of a button,battery  
00 lines of horizontal resolution with Hi-Fi  
information is displayed on the LCDscreen  
when charging and when the camcorder is  
turned off.The displaywillshow how much  
the battery is charged,in 10%increments  
and the recordable time left when using the  
LCDscreen or in the viewfinder.  
sound on affordable 8mm and Hi8 tapes.  
/6" CCDImager, 320KPixels Gross  
/6"CCDImager with 200K(effective)pixels  
provides great detailand clarity along with  
exceptionalanalog video performance.  
Stamina®Bat t ery Power Management  
Built-In Whit e LEDLight  
0XOpt ical/990XDigit al Zoom  
Syst em2  
Brighten your video,and reduce shadows  
when shooting in low-light situations.The  
LEDlight uses considerablyless power than  
bulb-based light systems,with the same  
light output.  
The opticalzoom helps to bring the action  
close up from far away.In addition,with the  
DigitalZoom and interpolation means that  
extreme digitalzooming is clearer,with less  
distortion than previous types of digital  
Using the optional NP-QM91DInfoLithium®  
Battery,the CCD-TRV138can continuously  
record for up to 16hours on a single full  
charge,providing extra long battery life.  
Program AE(Auto Exposure)Modes  
Program AEmodes make recording easy  
even when filming in challenging situations.  
Choose from Portrait,Beach &Ski,Sports  
Lesson,Landscape,Spotlight or Sunset &  
Moon modes.  
Manual Focus  
Allows the user to manually adjust the focus  
of the camcorder using the dial.Manual  
focusing also allows the user to controlthe  
focus in difficult situations where either the  
environment or the subject does not allow  
the camcorder's auto focus to perform  
optimally,such as when shooting through a  
window or in a crowded environment.  
Provides excellent viewing claritywith  
improved resolution.The high resolution  
degrees for multiple viewing angles  
providing sharp,detailed images for  
monitoring or playback.  
.5" SwivelScreen™LCDDisplay3 (123K  
23Kpixel LCDscreen rotates up to 270  
Picture Effects  
Get creative when recording or playing  
backyour videos with Sony's Picture Effect  
Modes.Effects available in Camera mode:  
Negative Art,Sepia,Monotone,Solarize,  
Slim,Stretch,Pastel and Mosaic.  
Easy Handycam Button  
InfoLithium®Battery with AccuPower™  
Using a camcorder can be intimidating for  
some people,so with a press of the Easy  
Handycam button,most of the advanced  
features of the camcorder are "locked out"  
leaving only the buttons essentialfor  
recording operational.  
Met er Syst em1  
Charge the battery at anytime because  
unlike NiCad (NickelCadmium)batteries,  
Sony's rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries  
are not subjected to a life shortening  
End Search  
Automatically advances the video tape to  
the last 5seconds of the recorded scene.  
This prevents accidentallyrecording over  
previously recorded videos.  
"memoryeffect".Sony's exclusive  
AccuPower™meter displays the battery  
time remaining in minutes,in either the  
viewfinder or on the LCDscreen.  
Fader Effect s  
Enhance your personalvideos byadding  
professionallooking fader effects.Choose  
from Black,Mosaic,White,Monotone and  
Multi-Language Menu  
Change the menu display from English to  
English (Simplified),Canadian French,Latin  
American Spanish,Brazilian Portuguese,  
Korean or Traditional Chinese.  
Add professionallooking titles to your  
video.Select from 8presets,or customize 2  
titles with up to 22 characters.  
Easy Dubbing  
Connect the Handycam camcorder to a VCR  
to effortlessly make VHScopies of your  
home videos.The camcorder can controlup  
to 59 brands of VCRs.  

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