User manual Sony Handycam 4-170-539-11(1)

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In this manual, the DVD disc recorded with  
high definition image quality (HD) is called  
AVCHD disc.  
Design and specifications of your camcorder  
and accessories are subject to change without  
On the drop sensor (HDR-XR550E/  
To protect the internal hard disk from shock  
by dropping, the camcorder has a drop sensor  
function. When a drop occurs, or under a non-  
gravity condition, the block noise made when  
this function is activated by the camcorder may  
also be recorded. If the drop sensor catches a  
drop repeatedly, recording/playback may be  
Confirm the model name of your  
The model name is shown in this manual when  
there is a difference in specification between  
models. Confirm the model name on the  
bottom of your camcorder.  
The main differences in specification of this  
series are as follows.  
Note on using the camcorder at high  
altitudes (HDR-XR550E/XR550VE)  
Do not turn on the camcorder in a low-pressure  
area, where the altitude is more than 5,000  
meters (16,000 feet). Doing so may damage the  
internal hard disk drive of your camcorder.  
of internal  
64 GB  
memory +  
CX550VE* card  
240 GB  
hard disk  
+ memory  
XR550VE* card  
The model with * is equipped with GPS.  
Notes on use  
Do not do any of the following. Otherwise, the  
recording media may be damaged, recorded  
images may be impossible to play back or may  
be lost, or other malfunctions could occur.  
ejecting the memory card when the access  
lamp (p. 20) is lit or flashing  
removing the battery pack or AC Adaptor  
from the camcorder, or applying mechanical  
shock or vibration to the camcorder when the  
Movie)/ (Photo) lamps (p. 21) or the  
access lamp (p. 20) are lit or flashing  
When using a shoulder belt (sold separately), do  
not crash the camcorder against an object.  
Do not use your camcorder in very loud areas  

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