User manual Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX9/H

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Functions built into this camera  
This manual describes each of the functions of TransferJet-compatible/  
incompatible devices, 1080 60i-compatible devices and 1080 50i-compatible  
To check if your camera supports the TransferJet function, and whether it is  
a 1080 60i-compatible device or 1080 50i-compatible device, check for the  
following marks on the bottom of the camera.  
TransferJet-compatible device:  
1080 60i-compatible device: 60i  
1080 50i-compatible device: 50i  
Do not watch 3D images shot with this camera for extended periods of time  
on 3D-compatible monitors.  
When you view 3D images shot with this camera on a 3D-compatible  
monitors, you may experience discomfort in the form of eye strain, fatigue,  
or nausea. To prevent these symptoms, we recommend that you take regular  
breaks. However, you need to determine for yourself the length and  
frequency of breaks you require, as they vary according to the individual. If  
you experience any type of discomfort, stop viewing the 3D images until you  
feel better, and consult a physician as necessary. Also refer to the operating  
instructions supplied with the device or software you have connected or are  
using with this camera. Note that a child’s eyesight is still at the development  
stage (particularly children below the age of 6). Consult a pediatrician or  
ophthalmologist before letting your child view 3D images, and make sure he/  
she observes the above precautions when viewing such images.  
On database files  
When you insert a memory card without a database file into the camera and  
turn on the power, part of the memory card capacity is used to automatically  
create a database file. It may take some time until you can perform the next  
Notes on recording/playback  
To ensure stable operations of the memory card, we recommend that you use  
this camera to format any memory card being used with this camera for the  
first time. Note that formatting will erase all data recorded on the memory  
card. This data cannot be restored. Be sure to backup any important data to a  
PC or other storage location.  
If you repeatedly record/delete images, fragmentation of data may occur on  
the memory card. Movies may not be able to be saved or recorded. In such a  
case, save your images to a PC or other storage location, then [Format].  
Before you start recording, make a trial recording to make sure that the  
camera is working correctly.  
The camera is neither dust-proof, nor splash-proof, nor water-proof. Read  
Precautions” (page 29) before operating the camera.  

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