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The Wheelock Series PS-6 and PS-8 are 24VDC, filtered and  
regulated, supervised remote power supply/battery chargers are  
used for supervision and expanded power driving capability of Fire  
Alarm Notification Appliance Circuits. The PS-6 provides 6 amps of  
power distributed across 4 outputs, while the PS-8 provides 8 Amps  
across 4 output. In addition the PS-8 provides additional room in  
the chassis for accessories like an Addressable Control Module, with  
mounting studs.  
The PS-6 and PS-8 Power Supplies are UL Listed under UL  
Standard 864, 9th Edition to be used with any 24 volt Listed  
Regulated notification appliances. They include the capability  
to synchronize Wheelock strobes and horns and to silence the  
horn signal when horn/strobes are operating on two wires.  
Approvals Include: UL Standard 864, 1481, California State  
Fire Marshal (CSFM), Factory Mutual (FM)  
Compliant with NFPA 72  
The Power Supplies may be connected to any 12V or 24V (FWR or  
DC) Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP) by using a Notiꢀcation Appliance  
Circuit (NAC) or a “Dry Contact”. Primary applications include NAC  
expansion (supports ADA requirements) and auxiliary power to  
support system accessories. This unit provides ꢀltered and regulated  
4VDC, up to four (4) Class “B”, two (2) Class “A”, or two (2) Class  
B” and one (1) Class “A” Notification Appliance Circuits. With the  
optional plug-in PS-EXP module the unit supports (8) Class “B” or  
4) Class “A” Notification Appliance Circuits. Additionally, an auxiliary  
• 120VAC, 50/60Hz, 4.25 Amps (PS-6/8) and 5.32 Amps  
(PS-8) Operating Power in Alarm  
• 240VAC, 60Hz, 2.42 Amps (PS-6E and 3.22 Amps (PS-8E) ‘  
Operating Power in Alarm  
power output of 2.5 Amps (disconnected upon AC power loss or an  
alarm condition) or up to 0.240 A of constant power on the PS-8 and  
24VDC Battery Backup Connection  
Two (2), 12V or 24V NAC Initiating Circuits (8-33V at 5mA)  
FWR or DC  
.075 A of constant power on the PS-6.  
The Wheelock Power Supplies can accommodate 7 or 12 AH batteries  
inside its lockable chassis. Using an external battery cabinet it can  
charge up to 33 AH batteries (pending UL testing). Two FACP NAC  
circuits or two “Dry” contact initiating circuits can be connected to the  
inputs. These inputs can then be directed to control supervision and  
power delivery to any combination of the four (4) outputs. Each output  
is rated at 3.0 Amps (Class “B”) or (Class “A”) and can be programmed  
to generate a steady or Code 3 Temporal Horn sound and a strobe  
output under alarm condition. Total load for the PS-6 and PS-8 NAC  
circuits must not exceed the power supplies rated output.  
Two (2) “Dry”Contact initiating Circuits  
Accepts two (2) Class “A”or two (2) Class “B”circuit inputs  
Built in battery charger for sealed lead acid or gel type  
• NAC outputs are 24VDC, 3.0 Amps each, power limited  
• 8 Amps on PS-8 and 6 Amps on the PS-6 total alarm current  
The Power Suppliesunder non-alarm condition provides independent  
supervision for Class “A” and Class “B” FACP NAC circuits. In the  
event of circuit trouble, the FACP will be notiꢀed via the POWERPATH  
steered input (IN1 or IN2). In addition there are two sets of trouble  
reporting terminals, one used for AC power loss reporting and the  
other for all troubles. The AC power loss reporting, on the common  
trouble terminals and on IN1 or IN2, can be delayed for either 30  
seconds or 170 minutes. The AC power loss terminals will always  
report the trouble within 1 second after loss of AC power.  
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