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Symbol and character sets list  
OCR symbol sets  
When you choose the OCR-A or OCR-B font, the matching symbol set is always used.  
OCR A (0O)  
OCR B (1O)  
HP LaserJet mode  
ABICOMP Brazil / Portugal (13P)  
Desktop (7J)  
ABICOMP International (14P)  
Greek8 (8G)  
Hebrew7 (0H)  
HP German (0G)  
HP Spanish (1S)  
ISO8859 / 5 Latin / Cyrillic (10N)  
ISO Latin1 (0N)  
ISO8859 / 7 Latin / Greek (12N)  
ISO Latin2 (2N)  
ISO Latin5 (5N)  
ISO Latin6 (6N)  
ISO8859 / 15 Latin9 (9N)  
ISO11 Swedish (0S)  
ISO15 Italian (0I)  
ISO10 Swedish (3S)  
ISO16 Portuguese (4S)  
ISO2 IRV (2U)  
ISO17 Spanish (2S)  
ISO21 German (1G)  
ISO4 UK (1E)  
ISO25 French (0F)  
ISO57 Chinese (2K)  
ISO60 Norwegian1 (0D)  
ISO69 French (1F)  
ISO85 Spanish (6S)  
Math-8 (8M)  
ISO61 Norwegian2 (1D)  
ISO84 Portuguese (5S)  
Legal (1U)  
MC Text (12J)  
MS Publishing (6J)  
OCR-B (1O)  
OCR-A (0O)  
PC-1004 (9J)  
PC-775 (26U)  
PC-8 (10U)  
PC-8 Bulgarian (13R)  
PC-8 Greek Alternate (437G) (14G)  
PC-8 PC Nova (27Q)  
PC-850 (12U)  
PC-8 D/N (11U)  
PC-8 Latin / Greek (12G)  
PC-8 Turkish (9T)  
PC-851 Greece (10G)  
PC-853 Latin3 (Turkish) (18U)  
PC-857 Latin5 (Turkish) (16U)  
PC-860 Portugal (20U)  
PC-863 Canadian French (23U)  
PC-866 Cyrillic (3R)  
PC-852 (17U)  
PC-855 Cyrillic (10R)  
PC-858 Multilingual Euro (13U)  
PC-861 Iceland (21U)  
PC-865 Nordic (25U)  

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