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. Installation Guidelines  
Safety Warnings  
Projector Configuration and Position  
Safety Area around projector  
Cleaning the lens  
Vertical lens shift  
Battery Insertion in the Remote Control  
Ceiling Mount assembly  
Before installing the projector, read first the safety instructions in the safety manual delivered with the pro-  
jector and also the safety pages in this manual.  
.1 Safety Warnings  
Mercury Vapor Warnings  
Keep the following warnings in mind when using the projector. The lamp used in the projector contains mercury. In case of a lamp  
rupture, explosion there will be a mercury vapor emission. In order to minimize the potential risk of inhaling mercury vapors:  
Ensure the projector is installed only in ventilated rooms.  
Replace the lamp module before the end of its operational life.  
Promptly ventilate the room after a lamp rupture, explosion has occurred, evacuate the room (particularly in case of a pregnant  
Seek medical attention if unusual health conditions occur after a lamp rupture, explosion, such as headache, fatigue, shortness  
of breath, chest-tightening coughing or nausea.  
.2 General  
Ambient Temperature Conditions.  
Careful consideration of things such as image size, ambient light level, projector placement and type of screen to use are critical to  
the optimum use of the projection system.  
Max. ambient temperature : 40°C or 104 °F  
Min. ambient temperature : 10 °C or 50 °F  
The projector will not operate if ambient air temperature falls outside this range (10°C- 40°C or 50°F-104°F).  
Storage temperature: -35°C to +65°C (-31°F to 149°F)  
Humidity Conditions  
Storage: 0 to 98 % RH Non-condensing  
Operation: 0 to 95 % RH Non-condensing  
Do not install the projection system in a site near heat sources such as radiators or air ducts, or in a place subject to direct sunlight,  
excessive dust or humidity. Be aware that room heat rises to the ceiling; check that temperature near the installation site is not  
Environment condition check  
A projector must always be mounted in a manner which ensures the free flow of clean air into the projectors ventilation inlets. For  
installations in environments where the projector is subject to airborne contaminants such as that produced by smoke machines or  
similar (these deposit a thin layer of greasy residue upon the projectors internal optics and imaging electronic surfaces, degrading  
performance), then it is highly advisable and desirable to have this contamination removed prior to it reaching the projectors clean  
air supply. Devices or structures to extract or shield contaminated air well away from the projector are a prerequisite, if this is not a  
feasible solution then measures to relocate the projector to a clean air environment should be considered.  
R5976763 CINEVERSUM 60/70 22042004  

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