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. Installation Guidelines  
has been specifically designed for cleaning optical parts, never use industrial strength cleaners on a projectors optics as these will  
degrade optical coatings and damage sensitive optoelectronics .  
Failure to take suitable precautions to protect the projector from the effects of persistent and prolonged air contaminants will culmi-  
nate in extensive and irreversible ingrained optical damage. At this stage cleaning of the internal optical units will be non-effective  
and impracticable. Damage of this nature is under no circumstances covered under the manufactures warranty and may deem the  
warranty null and void. In such a case the client shall be held solely responsible for all costs incurred during any repair. It is the  
clients responsibility to ensure at all times that the projector is protected from the harmful effects of hostile airborne particles in the  
environment of the projector. The manufacture reserves the right to refuse warranty repair if a projector has been subject to wantful  
neglect, abandon or improper use.  
What about ambient light ?  
The ambient light level of any room is made up of direct or indirect sunlight and the light fixtures in the room. The amount of ambient  
light will determine how bright the image will appear. So, avoid direct light on the screen. Windows that face the screen should be  
covered by opaque drapery while the set is being viewed. It is desirable to install the projection system in a room whose walls and  
floor are of non-reflecting material. The use of recessed ceiling lights and a method of dimming those lights to an acceptable level  
is also important. Too much ambient light will ‘wash out’ of the projected image. This appears as less contrast between the darkest  
and lightest parts of the image. With bigger screens, the ‘wash out’ becomes more important. As a general rule, darken the room to  
the point where there is just sufficient light to read or write comfortably. Spot lighting is desirable for illuminating small areas so that  
interference with the screen is minimal.  
Which screen type ?  
There are two major categories of screens used for projection equipment. Those used for front projected images and those for rear  
projection applications. Screens are rated by how much light they reflect (or transmit in the case of rear projection systems) given a  
determined amount of light projected toward them. The ‘GAIN’ of a screen is the term used. Front and rear screens are both rated  
in terms of gain. The gain of screens range from a white matte screen with a gain of 1 (x1) to a brushed aluminized screen with a  
gain of 10 (x10) or more. The choice between higher and lower gain screens is largely a matter of personal preference and another  
consideration called the Viewing angle. In considering the type of screen to choose, determine where the viewers will be located  
and go for the highest gain screen possible. A high gain screen will provide a brighter picture but reduce the viewing angle. For  
more information about screens, contact your local screen supplier.  
Image size  
The projector is designed for projecting an image size with a screenwidth from 1.00m (3.3ft) to 6.00m (19.7ft) with an aspect ratio of  
to 3.  
Image retention  
Image retention can affect LCD projectors, in extreme cases, permanent “burn” can occur if still/repetitive images are left on the  
screen for long periods of time. Such damage to the panels is NOT covered by warranty.  
Please ensure that the following precautions are taken to avoid this phenomenon :  
Use a screensaver (that moves)  
Periodically change/alter any background images on the desktop  
Turn off the projector when not in use.  
.3 Projector configurations  
The different configurations  
R5976367 BARCOIQ GRAPHICS 500 01/02/2007  

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