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Preheating and Pan Placement  
Preheat the oven if the recipe calls for it.  
To preheat, set the oven at the correct  
temperature. Preheating is necessary for  
good results when baking cakes, cookies,  
pastry and breads.  
Baking results will be better if baking pans  
are centered in the oven as much as  
possible. Pans should not touch each other  
or the walls of the oven. If you need to use  
two shelves, stagger the pans so one is not  
directly above the other, and leave  
For ovens without a preheat indicator light or tone,  
preheat 10 minutes.  
approximately 1 ⁄  
from the front of the  
pan to the front of the shelf.  
Aluminum Foil  
Do not use aluminum foil to catch  
spillovers when using the CircuWave fan.  
The foil will be sucked toward the  
convection fan. Also, covering an entire  
shelf with aluminum foil will disturb the  
heat circulation and result in poor baking.  
You can use aluminum foil to line the  
broiler pan and broiler grid. However,  
you must mold the foil tightly to the grid  
and cut slits in it just like the grid.  
How to Set the Oven for Broiling  
Place the food on the broiler grid in  
the broiler pan.  
Follow suggested shelf positions in  
the Broiling guide.  
Leave the door open to the broil stop  
position. The door stays open by itself,  
yet the proper temperature is  
maintained in the oven.  
Turn the Oven Temperature knob to  
NOTE: To reduce smoking, do not use the  
CircuWave fan during broiling.  

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