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Adjust the oven thermostat—Easy to do yourself!  
You may find that your new oven cooks differently than the one it replaced. Use your new oven for a few weeks to  
become more familiar with it. If you still think your new oven is too hot or too cold, you can adjust the thermostat yourself.  
Do not use thermometers, such as those found in grocery stores, to check the temperature setting of your oven. These  
thermometers may vary 20–40°F.  
NOTE: This adjustment will not affect the broiling or the self-cleaning temperatures (on some models). The adjustment  
will be retained in memory after a power failure.  
To Adjust the Thermostat with this type of knob  
Pull the Oven Temp knob off the shaft,  
look at the back of the knob and note  
the current setting before making any  
Tighten the screws.  
Replace the knob, matching the flat  
area of the knob to the shaft.  
Loosen both screws on the back of  
the knob.  
Front of OVEN TEMP knob  
knob appearance may vary)  
To increase the oven temperature,  
move the pointer toward the words  
To decrease the oven temperature,  
turn the pointer toward the words  
Each notch changes the temperature  
by 10°F.  
Back of OVEN TEMP knob  
To Adjust the Thermostat on other Models  
If the oven adjustment is set cooler than  
the factory setting a minus sign (–) will  
appear in front of the number indicating  
the degrees that the temperature was  
Put the Oven Temperature knob in the  
OFF position.  
Press and hold the HOUR +/– pads for  
seconds until the display changes.  
Before display changes back, press the  
HOUR +/– pads to increase or decrease  
the temperature in 5 degree  
Wait several seconds for the control  
to automatically set and return to its  
previous setting.  
The oven temperature can be increased up  
to 35°F. hotter or can be decreased down to  
35°F. cooler.  
The type of margarine will affect baking performance!  
Most recipes for baking have been  
developed using high fat products such  
as butter or margarine (80% fat). If you  
decrease the fat, the recipe may not  
give the same results as with a higher  
fat product.  
Federal standards require products labeled  
“margarine” to contain at least 80% fat by  
weight. Low-fat spreads, on the other hand,  
contain less fat and more water. The high  
moisture content of these spreads affects  
the texture and flavor of baked goods. For  
best results with your old favorite recipes,  
use margarine, butter or stick spreads  
containing at least 70% vegetable oil.  
Recipe failure can result if cakes, pies, pastries,  
cookies or candies are made with low fat spreads.  
The lower the fat content of a spread product, the  
more noticeable these differences become.  

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