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Using the radiant surface units. (on some models)  
About the radiant surface units…  
The radiant cooktop features heating units  
Water stains (mineral deposits) are removable  
using the cleaning cream or full-strength white  
beneath a smooth glass surface.  
NOTE: A slight odor is normal when a new cooktop  
is used for the first time. It is caused by the heating  
of new parts and insulating materials and will  
disappear in a short time.  
Use of window cleaner may leave an iridescent  
film on the cooktop. The cleaning cream will  
remove this discoloration.  
Don’t store heavy items above the cooktop. If they  
The surface unit will cycle on and off to  
Never cook directly on the glass.  
maintain your selected control setting.  
Always use cookware.  
drop onto the cooktop, they can cause damage.  
Do not use the surface as a cutting board.  
It is safe to place hot cookware from the  
oven or surface on the glass surface when  
the surface is cool.  
Even after the surface units are turned off,  
the glass cooktop retains enough heat to  
continue cooking. To avoid over-cooking,  
remove pans from the surface units when  
the food is cooked. Avoid placing anything  
on the surface unit until it has cooled  
Always place the pan in the center of  
the surface unit you are cooking on.  
Do not slide cookware across the cooktop  
because it can scratch the glass—the glass  
is scratch resistant, not scratch proof.  
Temperature Limiter  
Every radiant surface unit has a  
temperature limiter.  
The temperature limiter may cycle the units  
off for a time if:  
The temperature limiter protects the glass  
cooktop from getting too hot.  
The pan boils dry.  
The pan bottom is not flat.  
The pan is off center.  
There is no pan on the unit.  

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