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Selecting types of cookware.  
The following information will help you choose cookware which will give good performance on glass cooktops.  
Stainless Steel:  
usable, but not recommended  
Poor performance. May scratch the surface.  
heavy weight recommended  
usable, but not recommended  
Poor performance. May scratch the surface.  
Good conductivity. Aluminum residues  
sometimes appear as scratches on the  
cooktop, but can be removed if cleaned  
immediately. Because of its low melting  
point, thin-weight aluminum should not  
be used.  
Check pans for flat bottoms by using  
a straight edge.  
Home Canning Tips:  
Be sure the canner is centered over the  
surface unit.  
Copper Bottom:  
Make sure the canner is flat on the bottom.  
Use recipes and procedures from  
reputable sources. These are available  
from manufacturers such as Ball® and  
Kerr® and the Department of Agriculture  
Extension Service.  
Copper may leave residues which can  
appear as scratches. The residues can be  
removed, as long as the cooktop is cleaned  
immediately. However, do not let these pots  
boil dry. Overheated metal can bond to  
glass cooktops. An overheated copper  
bottom pot will leave a residue that will  
permanently stain the cooktop if not  
removed immediately.  
To prevent burns from steam or heat, use  
caution when canning.  
Porcelain Enamel Covered Cast Iron:  
As long as the cookware is covered  
completely with porcelain enamel, this  
cookware is recommended. Caution is  
recommended for cast-iron cookware  
that is not completely covered with smooth  
porcelain enamel, as it may scratch the  
glass-ceramic cooktop.  
Pans with rounded, curved, ridged  
or warped bottoms are not  
The following information will help you choose cookware which will give good performance on coil cooktops.  
Surface Cookware Tips  
Use medium- or heavy-weight cookware.  
Aluminum cookware conducts heat faster  
than other metals. Cast-iron and coated  
cast-iron cookware are slow to absorb heat,  
but generally cook evenly at low to medium  
heat settings. Steel pans may cook unevenly  
if not combined with other metals.  
For best cooking results, pans should be  
flat on the bottom. Match the size of the  
saucepan to the size of the surface unit.  
The pan should not extend over the edge  
of the surface unit more than 1 inch.  
Not over 1 inch  
Wok Cooking  
We recommend that you use only a flat-bottomed  
wok. They are available at your local retail store.  
Placing the ring over the surface unit will  
cause a buildup of heat that will damage  
the porcelain cooktop. Do not try to use  
such woks without the ring. You could be  
seriously burned if the wok tips over.  
Do not use woks that have support rings.  
Use of these types of woks, with or without  
the ring in place, can be dangerous.  
Use only flat-bottomed woks.  

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