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Sugary spills and soils can cause pitting. See  
Using the ceramic glass cooktop  
Cleaning the ceramic glass cooktop” in the  
Caring for Your Range” section for more  
Ceramic glass cooktop model)  
Cooking on the ceramic glass cooktop is similar  
to cooking on coil  
elements. There are,  
however, a few  
Wiping off the cooktop before and after each use  
will help keep the surface free from stains and give  
you the most even heating. See “Cleaning the  
ceramic glass cooktop” in the “Caring for Your  
Range” section for care and cleaning suggestions.  
The surface cooking  
area will glow red when  
the element is turned  
on. You will see the  
element cycling on and  
off – even on the HI  
setting – to help the  
area stay at the temperature setting you chose.  
Using cookware on  
ceramic glass cooktops  
Do not cook foods directly on the cooktop.  
Check for rough spots on the bottom of  
your metal or glass cookware which could  
scratch the ceramic glass surface.  
Do not cook popcorn that comes in prepackaged  
aluminum containers on the cooktop. The  
container could leave aluminum marks on the  
cooktop that cannot be removed completely.  
and water particles left on the bottoms can  
leave deposits on the cooktop when it is  
Lift pots and pans onto and off of the cooktop.  
Sliding pots and pans on the cooktop could leave  
marks that are difficult to remove or could leave  
permanent marks.  
Dropping a heavy or hard object on the cooktop  
could crack it. Be careful when using heavy  
skillets and large pots. Do not store jars or cans  
above the cooktop.  
NOTE: Do not leave empty cookware, or cook-  
ware which has boiled dry, on a hot surface cooking  
area. The cookware could overheat, causing damage  
to itself or the surface cooking area.  
Do not use the cooktop as a cutting board.  
Do not allow anything that could melt, such as  
plastic or aluminum foil, to come in contact with  
the cooktop while it is hot.  
Hot surface indicator lights  
Ceramic glass cooktop model)  
One of the Hot Surface Indicator Lights on the  
cooktop will glow when a surface  
cooking area becomes too hot to  
touch. The Indicator Light will continue  
to glow as long as the surface cooking  
area is too hot to touch, even after it is  
turned off.  

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