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Using cookware  
Home canning information  
To protect your range:  
Use the correct cookware to prevent damage to  
the surface cooking area, cooktop, wiring, and  
surrounding areas.  
Use flat-bottomed canners/pans for best results.  
Use the largest  
If the cookware is too small for the surface  
surface cooking area for  
best results. Also, use a  
canner/pan that you can  
cooking area or the bottom is not flat, the surface  
cooking area could stay glowing red for an  
extended length of time causing damage to  
the range.  
center over the surface  
cooking area and that  
does not extend more  
than one inch outside  
the surface cooking  
area. Large diameter  
canners/pans, if not  
If you start cooking on high, it is important to turn  
the control down to a lower setting to complete  
cooking area  
The surface cooking area could overheat or be  
damaged if a pot has boiled dry or has been left  
empty on a hot surface cooking area.  
centered correctly, trap heat and can cause  
damage to the cooktop.  
Do not place your canner on 2 surface cooking  
areas at the same time.  
Too much heat will build  
up and damage the  
Using the right cookware  
makes a big difference  
Start with hot water.  
This reduces the time  
the control is set on  
high. Reduce the heat  
setting to the lowest  
position needed to keep  
water boiling.  
Flat bottomed cookware, including woks,  
canners, and teakettles, will provide better  
contact with the surface cooking area and  
provide the best cooking results.  
Warped, dented, and ribbed-bottomed  
When canning for long periods of time, alternate  
use of the surface cooking areas between batches  
to allow the areas to cool down, or prepare food in  
small batches.  
cookware can result in uneven cooking  
due to incomplete contact with the  
surface cooking area.  
Cookware that has been designed with  
slightly indented bottoms or small  
expansion channels can be used.  
On coil element model, keep your reflector bowls  
clean so that they will always reflect heat well.  
Refer to your canner manual for specific  
Choose medium to heavy gauge  
thickness) cookware.  
The pan material (type of metal or glass)  
affects how quickly and evenly the  
pan heats.  
Optional canning kit  
(Coil element cooktop model)  
Most water-bath or pressure canners have large  
diameters. If you do canning with them at high heat  
settings for long periods of time, you can shorten  
the life of regular coil elements. This can also  
damage the cooktop. If you plan to use the cooktop  
for canning, we recommend the installation of a  
Canning Kit. Order the kit (Part No. 242905) from  
your Whirlpool dealer or authorized Whirlpool  
service company.  

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