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The oven light is a standard 40-watt appliance bulb. Before  
replacing, make sure the oven and cooktop are cool and the  
control knobs are in the off position.  
2. Turn the glass bulb cover in the back of the oven  
counterclockwise to remove.  
Turn bulb counterclockwise to remove from socket.  
Replace bulb, then bulb cover by turning clockwise.  
Plug in range or reconnect power.  
To Replace:  
. Unplug range or disconnect power.  
First try the solutions suggested here or visit our website and reference FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)  
to possibly avoid the cost of a service call.  
Nothing will operate  
Power supply cord is unplugged.  
Plug into a grounded outlet.  
ENERGY SAVE is active, and the  
display is blank.  
Press any key on the control to display the Time of Day. See the  
“Electronic Oven Controls” section for more information.  
Household fuse is blown, or a  
circuit breaker is tripped.  
Replace the fuse or reset the circuit breaker. If the problem  
continues, call an electrician.  
The control displays an F9 or F9  
E0 error code.  
The electrical outlet in the home may be miswired. Contact a  
qualified electrician to verify the electrical supply.  
Cooktop will not operate  
The control knob is not set  
Push in knob before turning to a setting.  
On ceramic glass models, the  
oven control lockout is set.  
See the control lock keypad feature in the “Feature Guide.”  
Excessive heat around  
cookware on cooktop  
Cookware is not the proper size.  
Use cookware about the same size as the surface cooking area,  
element or surface burner. Cookware should not extend more  
than ¹⁄₂" (1.3 cm) outside the cooking area.  
Cooktop cooking results not  
what expected  
Control knob set to incorrect heat See “Cooktop Use” section.  
Range is not level.  
Level the range. See the Installation Instructions.  
Cooktop element cycles on and Element cycling due to a  
This is normal operation. The element may cycle on and off to  
keep the cooktop from overheating.  
off on High setting.  
temperature limiter  
Oven will not operate  
Delay start is set.  
See “Cook Time” section.  
Control lock is on.  
Press and hold START for 3 seconds to unlock.  
Control is in Demo Mode.  
Press and hold START TIME for 10 seconds to exit Demo Mode.  
Demo Mode is used for display models in a showroom.  
Electronic oven control set  
See “Electronic Oven Controls” section.  
Oven temperature too high or  
too low  
Oven temperature needs  
See “Oven Temperature Control” in the “Electronic Oven  
Controls” section.  
Oven indicator lights flash  
Power to range is turned on or  
See “Control Display” in the “Electronic Oven Controls” section.  
If the indicator lights keep flashing, call for service. See cover  
for contact information.  
Display shows messages  
Power failure (display shows  
flashing time)  
Clear the display. On some models, reset the clock, if needed.  
See “Clock” keypad feature in the “Feature Guide” section.  
Error code (display shows letter  
followed by number)  
Depending on your model, press CANCEL to clear the display.  
See “Control Display” in the “Electronic Oven Controls” section.  
If it reappears, call for service. See cover for contact  
Start needs to be pressed so a  
cycle can begin (display shows  
“PUSH” or “PSH”).  
See the “Start” keypad feature in the “Feature Guide” section.  
Clean cycle did not work on all  
Several cooking cycles between  
Clean cycles or spills on oven  
walls and doors.  
Run additional Clean cycles. Use the AquaLift™ Technology  
Cleaning Kit. affresh™ Kitchen and Appliance Cleaner or  
affresh™ Cooktop Cleaner can be used for stubborn soils. See  
the “Accessories” section for more information.  

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