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Broiling is cooking food by direct heat from above  
the food. Your range has a convenient compartment  
below the oven for broiling. It also has a specially  
designed broiler pan and rack that allow dripping fat  
to drain away from the foods and be kept away from  
the high heat of the gas flame.  
Distance from the heat source may be changed by  
positioning the broiler pan and rack on one of three  
shelf positions in the broiler compartment-A (bottom  
of broiler compartment), B (middle) and C (top).  
Both the oven and broiler compartment doors  
should be closed during broiling.  
How to Broil  
. If meat has fat or gristle near the edge, cut  
vertical slashes through it about 2 inches apart.  
If desired, fat maybe trimmed, leaving a layer  
about l/8-inch thick.  
4. Close broiler door and turn OVEN TEMP knob  
to BROIL.  
. Turn most foods once during cooking; (the  
exception is thin fillets of fish; oil one side, place  
that side down on broiler rack and cook without  
turning until done). Time foods for about one-half  
the total cooking time, turn food, then continue to  
cook to preferred doneness.  
. Remove broiler pan and rack from broiler  
compartment and place food on rack.  
. Pull out drawer and position broiler pan in  
compartment. Placing food closer to flame  
increases exterior browning of food, but also  
increases spattering and the possibility of fats and  
meat juices igniting.  
6. Turn OVEN TEMP knob to OFF. Remove broiler  
pan from compartment and serve food immediately.  
Leave pan outside compartment to cool.  
-- Use of Aluminum Foil  
You can use aluminum foil to line  
your broiler pan and broiler rack.  
However, you must mold the foil  
tightly to the rack and cut slits in it  
just like the rack.  
Without the slits, the foil will  
prevent fat and meat juices from  
draining to the broiler pan. The  
juices could become hot enough to  
catch on fire. If you do not cut the  
slits, you are frying, not broiling.  
Broiling Tips  
Use tongs to turn meat over—pierced meat loses juices.  
Steaks and chops should be at least l-inch thick for best broiling  
results. Pan broil thinner ones.  
Questions & Answers  
Q. Why are meats not turning  
out as brown as they should?  
Q. Should I salt the meat  
before broiling?  
Q. When broiling, is it necessary  
to always use a rack in the pan?  
A. Check to see if you are using  
the recommended shelf  
position. Broil for longest  
period of time indicated in the  
Broiling Guide. Turn food only  
once during broiling.  
A. No. Salt draws out the juices  
and allows them to evaporate.  
Always salt after cooking. Turn  
meat with tongs; piercing meat  
with a fork also allows juices to  
escape. When broiling poultry  
or fish, brush each side often  
with butter.  
A. Yes. Using the rack suspends  
the meat over the pan. As the  
meat cooks, the juices fall into  
the pan, thus keeping meat drier.  
Juices are protected by the rack  
and stay cooler, thus preventing  
excessive spatter and smoking.  
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