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Be sure all packing are removed from  
the before operating it to prevent fire or  
California Safe  
Water and  
requires the Governor of  
substances known the state  
smoke damage should the packing material ignite.  
publish a  
Be sure your range is correctly adjusted by a  
service technician  
type of gas or  
installer for the  
that is to be used.  
Your range can be converted for use with either  
to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive  
harm, and requires businesses to warn customers  
potential exposure to such substances,  
type of gas.  
Gas appliances can cause  
exposure to  
four of these substances, namely benzene, carbon  
monoxide, formaldehyde and soot, caused primarily  
by the incomplete combustion of natural gas or  
fuels. Properly adjusted burners, indicated by a  
WARNING: These adjustments must be made  
by a qualified service technician in accordance  
with the manufacturer’s instructions and all  
and requirements of  
authority having  
these instructions  
bluish rather than a yellow  
will minimize  
jurisdiction. Failure to  
incomplete combustion. Exposure to these  
could result in serious injury or property damage.  
The qualified agency performing this work  
assumes responsibility for the conversion.  
substances can be minimized by venting with an  
window or  
a ventilation fan or hood.  
safety valves on  
. After prolonged use of a range, high floor  
temperatures and many floor  
coverings will not withstand this kind of use.  
Never install the range over vinyl tile or linoleum  
that cannot withstand such type of use. Never  
it directly over interior kitchen carpeting.  
standing pilot ranges contain mercury. your  
features, they must be recycled  
according to local, state and federal codes.  
installer show  
location of the  
Using Your  
valve and how to shut it off  
if necessary.  
Have your range  
grounded by a  
with the Installation Instructions. Any adjustment  
service should be performed only by qualified  
gas range installers or service technicians.  
All ranges can tip and injury  
installer, in accordance  
could result. To  
tipping of the  
wall and floor by installing the Anti-  
Tip device supplied.  
attach it to the  
not attempt to repair or replace any part of  
To check if the device is installed and  
engaged properly, carefully tip the  
range forward. The Anti-Tip device should  
engage and prevent the range from tipping over.  
in this guide.  
to a  
it is  
other servicing should be referred  
range into a 120-volt grounded  
not remove the round grounding  
If you pull the range out from the wall for any  
reason, make sure  
device is properly engaged  
against the wall.  
prong from the plug. in doubt about the grounding  
of the home electrical system, it is your personal  
responsibility and obligation to have an ungrounded  
outlet replaced with a properly grounded,  
push the range  
If it is not, there is a possible risk of the range  
tipping over and causing injury if  
stand, sit or lean on an open door.  
Please refer to the Anti-Tip device information  
in this guide. Failure to take this precaution could  
result in tipping of the range and injury.  
or a child  
prong outlet in accordance with the National  
In Canada, the appliance must be  
electrically grounded in accordance with the  
Canadian Electrical Code. Do not use extension  
cord with  
the range out of kitchen  
of drafty locations prevent pilot  
on standing models) and poor  
Do not leave children alone or unattended  
where a range is or in operation.  
They could be seriously burned.  

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