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a combination of  
stir together before heating or as fats melt slowly.  
or fats  
be used in frying,  
Place the oven shelves in the desired position  
while the oven is cool.  
Use a deep fat thermometer whenever possible to  
prevent overheating fat beyond the smoking point.  
Stand away from the range when opening the  
door of a hot oven. The hot air and steam that  
escapes can cause burns to hands, face and eyes.  
Never try to move a pan of hot  
especially a  
deep fat fryer. Wait until the fat is cool.  
out the  
to the  
is a  
convenience in lifting heavy foods. It is also a  
precaution against burns from touching hot  
surfaces of the door or oven walls. The lowest  
position “R” is not designed to  
Use proper pan size—Avoid pans that are unstable  
or easily tipped. Select cookware having flat  
bottoms large enough to properly contain food and  
and large enough to  
cover burner grate. This will both save cleaning  
time and prevent hazardous accumulations of food,  
heat unopened food containers. Pressure  
could build up and the container could burst,  
causing an injury.  
since heavy spattering or  
left on range  
ignite. Use pans with handles that can be easily  
Do not use aluminum  
anywhere in the oven  
remain cool.  
as described in this guide. Misuse could  
result in a fire hazard or damage to the range.  
When using glass cookware, make sure it is  
designed for top-of-range cooking.  
When using cooking or roasting bags in the  
oven, follow the manufacturer’s directions.  
Keep all plastics away from the top burners.  
Do not leave plastic  
items on the  
Use only cookware that is recommended for  
use in gas ovens.  
may melt if  
close to the vent.  
Always remove the broiler pan from  
soon as broiling. Grease left in the pan  
Vent appearance and location  
can catch fire if oven is used without removing the  
grease from the broiler pan.  
Do not leave any  
The hot air from the vent may ignite flammable  
items and will increase pressure in closed  
containers, which may cause them to burst.  
To avoid the possibility of a burn, always be  
that the controls for all burners are at  
the off position and all grates are cool before  
to remove them.  
broiling, if meat is too close to the flame,  
the fat may ignite. Trim excess fat to prevent  
excessive flare-ups.  
Make sure the broiler pan is in place correctly  
to reduce the possibility of grease fires.  
If you have a grease fire in the broiler pan,  
turn off oven control, and keep broiler drawer and  
oven door closed to contain until it bums out.  
When flaming foods are under the hood, turn the  
fan off. The fan, if operating, may spread the flames.  
If range is located near a window, do not hang  
long curtains that could blow over the top burners  
and create a fire hazard.  
Cleaning Your Range  
Clean only parts  
Keep range clean and free of accumulations of  
grease or which may ignite.  
careful when you clean the  
in this Use and Care  
When a pilot goes out (on standing pilot models),  
you will detect a faint odor of gas as your signal to  
relight the pilot. When relighting the pilot, make  
sure burner controls are in the off position, and  
follow instructions in this book to relight.  
the area over the pilot (on standing  
will be hot.  
you gas, and you have already made sure  
pilots lit (on standing pilot models), turn off the  
gas to the range and service technician.  
Never use an open flame to locate a leak.  
For continuous clean models, do not use oven  
cleaners on any of the continuous cleaning surfaces.  
Continuous cleaning surfaces can be identified by  
their rough surface finish.  
Baking, Broiling and Roasting  
Do not  
the oven for a storage area.  
Items stored in the oven can ignite.  
Keep the oven free from grease buildup.  

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