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Follow the directions below if your range has the clock and timer  
shown at the right.  
You have the choice of having the timer show the time counting down  
or the time of day. In either case, the timer will signal at the end of the  
timer period to alert you that the time is up.  
(Appearance may vary)  
To Set the Clock  
To Set the Timer  
NOTE: When you first plug in the range or after a  
1. Press the TIMER pad.  
power failure, the entire  
display will light up.  
. Use the UP and DOWN pads to set the timer.  
Short taps on the UP or DOWN pad change the  
timer’s setting one minute at a time. Pressing and  
continuing to hold the UP pad increases the setting  
ten minutes at a time.  
1. Press the CLOCK pad.  
. Press and hold the UP or DOWN pad and the time  
of day will change 10 minutes at a time. To change  
the time by single minutes, give the pads short taps.  
. Once you have set your timer, press the TIMER pad  
to start timing.  
. Press the CLOCK pad to start the clock.  
As the timer counts down, a signal will indicate  
when one minute is After this signal, the display  
will count down in seconds. When time runs out, a  
final signal will sound. Press the TIMER pad to stop  
the signal.  
To Change or Cancel the Timer Setting  
Display Clock While Timer Is Operating  
When the timer is counting down, use the UP and  
DOWN pad to change the remaining time, or press  
the TIMER pad to stop the timer. The timer cannot be  
unless you have fully completed “set timer”  
instructions above.  
Pressing the CLOCK pad while the timer is operating  
will not interfere with the timer’s operation; the  
display will change to show the clock, but the timer  
will continue to count down and will  
signal when  
time is up. Press the TIMER pad again to change the  
display back to show the timer.  
Follow these directions if  
your range has the clock and  
timer shown at the right.  
The timer has been combined with the range  
Use it to time all your precise cooking operations.  
You’ll recognize the timer as the pointer that is  
different in color than the clock hands.  
\,\\\. 411,/,  
To set the clock, push in the  
knob and turn it to the right.  
Let the knob out when the  
clock hands reach the correct  
Minutes are marked up to 30, and hours are marked  
up to 4 on the center of the clock.  
, \  
To set the timer, turn the knob to the left—without  
pushing in—until the pointer reaches the number of  
minutes or hours you want to time.  
time. Continue turning the knob to OFF.  
At the end of the set time, a buzzer sounds to tell  
you time is up. Turn the  
in—until the pointer reaches OFF and the buzzer stops.  

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