User manual Fujitsu MB15E07SL

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All Rights Reserved.  
The contents of this document are subject to change without notice.  
Customers are advised to consult with FUJITSU sales  
representatives before ordering.  
The information, such as descriptions of function and application  
circuit examples, in this document are presented solely for the  
purpose of reference to show examples of operations and uses of  
Fujitsu semiconductor device; Fujitsu does not warrant proper  
operation of the device with respect to use based on such  
information. When you develop equipment incorporating the  
device based on such information, you must assume any  
responsibility arising out of such use of the information. Fujitsu  
assumes no liability for any damages whatsoever arising out of  
the use of the information.  
Any information in this document, including descriptions of  
function and schematic diagrams, shall not be construed as license  
of the use or exercise of any intellectual property right, such as  
patent right or copyright, or any other right of Fujitsu or any third  
party or does Fujitsu warrant non-infringement of any third-party’s  
intellectual property right or other right by using such information.  
Fujitsu assumes no liability for any infringement of the intellectual  
property rights or other rights of third parties which would result  
from the use of information contained herein.  
The products described in this document are designed, developed  
and manufactured as contemplated for general use, including  
without limitation, ordinary industrial use, general office use,  
personal use, and household use, but are not designed, developed  
and manufactured as contemplated (1) for use accompanying fatal  
risks or dangers that, unless extremely high safety is secured, could  
have a serious effect to the public, and could lead directly to death,  
personal injury, severe physical damage or other loss (i.e., nuclear  
reaction control in nuclear facility, aircraft flight control, air traffic  
control, mass transport control, medical life support system, missile  
launch control in weapon system), or (2) for use requiring  
extremely high reliability (i.e., submersible repeater and artificial  
Please note that Fujitsu will not be liable against you and/or any  
third party for any claims or damages arising in connection with  
above-mentioned uses of the products.  
Any semiconductor devices have an inherent chance of failure. You  
must protect against injury, damage or loss from such failures by  
incorporating safety design measures into your facility and  
equipment such as redundancy, fire protection, and prevention of  
over-current levels and other abnormal operating conditions.  
If any products described in this document represent goods or  
technologies subject to certain restrictions on export under the  
Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Law of Japan, the prior  
authorization by Japanese government will be required for export  
of those products from Japan.  
FUJITSU LIMITED Printed in Japan  

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