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Using the Remote Control  
How to Use the Remote After You’ve Programmed It  
Because this universal remote can control several different components (TV, DVD,  
VCR, satellite receiver, etc.) it uses operational modes triggered by the component  
buttons. For example, if you want the remote to control the TV, you would press  
the TV button to put the remote into TV mode before you could control the TV.  
. Press the appropriate component button (DVD, TV, VCR, SAT•CAB, AUX, AUDIO)  
to set the remote to control the component.  
. Press ON•OFF to turn the component ON or OFF.  
. Use the remote buttons that apply to that component.  
Note: If you keep pressing buttons and nothing happens, the remote is probably in the wrong  
mode. You must press the component button that matches the component you want to  
operate (i.e., if you want to operate the VCR, press VCR on the remote control to put the remote  
in VCR mode.)  
Volume Punchthrough Feature  
You may find this feature helpful if you’ve connected your components to an  
audio/video receiver (A/V receiver) or amplifier, but you want to use the TV’s  
remote control to operate the volume for a component that is connected to the  
audio/video receiver. An example follows:  
Let’s say you’ve connected your DVD player to your audio/video receiver. You’ve  
also programmed your TV remote control to operate your DVD player. Since the  
DVD player gets its volume through the audio/video receiver, you would have to  
bounce back and forth between two remote controls: the A/V receiver’s remote to  
adjust the volume and the TV’s remote control to operate the DVD player.  
The Volume Punchthrough feature eliminates the need for you to use two remote  
controls and saves a button press when you’re using the TV remote to adjust the  
volume. In effect, you are telling the TV remote to retrieve and send volume  
commands from the a/v receiver whenever the TV remote is in DVD mode.  
Therefore, after you’ve successfully set up the Volume Punchthrough feature,  
whenever the TV remote is in DVD mode (press the DVD button) and you want to  
adjust the volume, you only have to press the VOL + or VOL- buttons. Follow the  
instructions below to set up Volume Punchthrough.  
. IMPORTANT: First, you must program the AUDIO button on the TV’s remote  
control to operate your audio receiver or amplifier. Go to page 10 for  
instructions. If you can’t program this remote to operate your audio receiver,  
Volume Punchthrough won’t work.  
. While setting up Volume Punchthrough, it’s best to point the remote away  
from components.  
. Decide which mode the remote will be in when the volume from the audio  
receiver “punches through.” The mode will be one of the component buttons  
. Press and hold the VOL- button. Keep pressing VOL- while you press and release  
the component button you chose in step 3 (TV, DVD, SAT/CAB, or AUX).  
. Press and release the AUDIO button since the sound will be coming from the  
audio/video receiver. Release the VOL- button.  
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