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Operate the Tractor and/or Implement controls only while properly seated in the Tractor seat  
with the seat belt securely fastened around you. Inadvertent movement of the Tractor or  
Implement may cause serious injury or death. (SG-29)  
Be particularly careful when transporting the Implement with the Tractor. Turn curves or go  
up hills only at a low speed and using a gradual steering angle. Rear mounted implements  
move the center of gravity to the rear and remove weight from the front wheels. Make  
certain, by adding front ballast, that at least 20% of the tractor’s weight is on the front wheels  
to prevent rearing up, loss of steering control or Tractor tip-over. Slow down on rough or  
uneven surfaces to prevent loss of steering control which could result in property damage  
or possible injury. Do not transport unless 3-Point lift lever is fully raised and in the latched  
transport position. Dropping implement in transport can cause serious damage to the  
tractor and/or Implement and possibly cause the operator or others to be injured or killed.  
Relieve hydraulic pressure prior to doing any maintenance or repair work  
on the Implement. Place the Implement on the ground or securely  
blocked up, disengage the PTO, and turn off the tractor engine. Push  
and pull the Remote Cylinder lever in and out several times prior to  
starting any maintenance or repair work. (S3PT-09)  
This Implement may be wider than the Tractor. Be careful when operating or transporting  
this equipment to prevent the Implement from running into or striking sign posts, guard rails,  
concrete abutments or other solid objects. Such an impact could cause the Implement and  
Tractor to pivot violently resulting in loss of steering control, serious injury, or even death.  
Never allow the Implement to contact obstacles. (S3PT-12)  
There are obvious and hidden potential hazards in operating Rear Blades and Box Scrapers  
as in all power-driven equipment. REMEMBER! This machine is often operated in rough  
terrain conditions that include gullies, holes, slopes, hidden obstructions and the like.  
Serious injury or even death may occur unless care is taken to assure the personal safety of  
the operator and bystanders in the area. (SBL-1)  
cause serious injury or even death. ALWAYS LOWER HITCH onto stand or onto secure  
blocks. (SBL-2)  
Keep fingers clear of adjusting holes. A sudden movement could cause injury or even  
Never leave blade unattended in the lifted position. Accidental operation of lifting lever or a  
hydraulic failure may cause sudden drop of unit with subsequent injury or death by crushing.  
Lower Stand and pin in place, or put a secure support under the A-Frame. Lower Blade  
carefully to the ground. Do not put hands or feet under lifted components. (SBL-4)  
00 Series 08/10  
2010 Alamo Group Inc.  
Safety Section 1-7  

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