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PERMANENT HEARING LOSS! Tractors with or without an Implement  
attached can often be noisy enough to cause permanent hearing loss.  
We recommend that you always wear hearing protection if the noise in  
the Operator’s position exceeds 80db. Noise over 85db over an  
extended period of time will cause severe hearing loss. Noise over 90db  
adjacent to the Operator over an extended period of time will cause  
permanent or total hearing loss. NOTE: Hearing loss from loud noise  
[from tractors, chain saws, radios, and other such sources close to the  
ear] is cumulative over a lifetime without hope of natural recovery. (SG-I7)  
Transport only at speeds where you can maintain control of the  
equipment. Serious accidents and injuries can result from operating this  
equipment at high speeds. Understand the Tractor and Implement and how it handles  
before transporting on streets and highways. Make sure the Tractor steering and brakes  
are in good condition and operate properly.  
Before transporting the Tractor and Implement, determine the proper transport speeds for  
you and the equipment. Make sure you abide by the following rules:  
Test the tractor at a slow speed and increase the speed slowly. Apply the Brakes smoothly  
to determine the stopping characteristics of the Tractor and Implement. As you increase  
the speed of the Tractor the stopping distance increases.  
Determine the maximum  
transport speed not to exceed 20 mph (30 kph) for transporting this equipment.  
Test the equipment at a slow speed in turns. Increase the speed through the turn only after  
you determine that the equipment can be operated at a higher speed. Use extreme care  
and reduce your speed when turning sharply to prevent the tractor and implement from  
turning over. Determine the maximum turning speed for you and this equipment before  
operating on roads or uneven ground.  
Only transport the Tractor and Implement at the speeds which allow you to properly control  
the equipment.  
Be aware of the operating conditions. Do not operate the Tractor with weak or faulty brakes  
or worn tires. When operating down a hill or on wet or rain slick roads, the braking distance  
increases: use extreme care and reduce your speed. When operating in traffic always use  
the Tractor’s flashing warning lights and reduce your speed. Be aware of traffic around you  
and watch out for the other guy. (SG-19)  
Never attempt to lubricate, adjust, or remove material from the Implement while it is in  
motion or while tractor engine is running. (SG-20)  
00 Series 08/10  
2010 Alamo Group Inc.  
Safety Section 1-5  

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