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BM 2610014415 01-11 E:BM 2610012089 12-10 E 1/10/11 7:17 AM Page 14  
Disconnect plug from power  
source before performing any as-  
FIG. 10  
sembly, adjustment or repair to avoid possible injury.  
IMpORTANT: The saw blade provided on this tool  
has a carbide-tipped kerf width of .102” and a plate  
body) thickness that is .071” thick. When looking for  
a replacement blade, select one with dimensions  
close to the original blade. This information may not  
be printed on the blades packaging. If not, check the  
manufacturers catalog or website. Bosch offers an  
extensive line of Premium-Quality Professional Saw  
Blades that match the requirements for this tool. You  
must select a blade with a kerf width of .092” or more  
and a plate (body) thickness .088” or less (Fig. 10).  
not use extra thin kerf saw  
ꢃlaꢄes. The kerf of the blade must be wider than  
092”. Extra thin kerf saw blades (less than .092”)  
may cause the work piece to bind against the riving  
knife during cutting. It is recommended that the kerf  
of the replacement blade used on this saw be .092”  
or more.  
FIG. 11  
thickꢃoꢄyꢆlate. If the replacement saw blade's  
plate thickness is greater than .088”, the riving knife  
would not properly serve as an aid to reduce kick-  
back. The replacement blade's plate thickness must  
be less than .088”.  
not use ꢃlaꢄe “ꢄamꢆeners,”  
staꢃilizers,” or “stiffeninꢅ collars” on ꢃoth  
siꢄesofareꢆlacementꢃlaꢄe. These are metal  
plates positioned against the sides of the blade to  
reduce deflection that may occur when using thin  
saw blades. Use of these devices on both sides will  
prevent the blade from being properly aligned with  
the riving knife, which may bind the work piece dur-  
ing cutting. One “stabilizer” plate may be placed only  
against the outside of a thin replacement blade.  
These plates are not required with the supplied  
Bosch blade.  

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