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chapter 2  
care and maintenance  
Occasional cleaning of your scanner helps ensure optimal performance. The  
amount of care necessary depends upon several factors, including the amount  
of use and the environment. You should perform routine cleaning as necessary.  
Routine cleaning should include cleaning the scanner glass and the TMA.  
clean the scanner glass  
Disconnect the power cable from the scanner.  
Open the scanner lid.  
Clean the glass using a soft, lint-free cloth sprayed with a mild glass  
Caution! Use only glass cleaner. Avoid abrasives, acetone,  
benzene, and carbon tetrachloride, all of which can damage the  
scanner glass. Avoid isopropyl alcohol because it can leave  
streaks on the glass.  
Do not spray the glass cleaner directly on the glass. If too much  
glass cleaner is applied, the cleaner could run to the edges and  
damage the scanner.  
Dry the scanner glass using a dry, soft, lint-free cloth.  
When finished, reconnect the power cable to the scanner.  
For instructions on cleaning the underside of the scanner glass, go to, select your country or region, navigate to the support  
page for your scanner, then click the link to view information about cleaning the  
underside of the glass.  
clean the TMA  
If you have an HP Scanjet 3670, 3690, or 3970 scanner, clean the TMA using  
a dry, soft, lint-free cloth. If necessary, lightly spray the cloth with glass cleaner  
and wipe the TMA.  
scanner installation or setup problems  
check your computer  
Ensure that your computer meets the minimum system requirements that are  
listed on the scanner box.  
If you do not have enough hard-disk space, remove unnecessary files or  
install the software on a different disk drive.  
use a valid folder  
On a Microsoft Windows computer, if you receive a message, such as  
Destination Directory Is Invalid” or “Program Folder Is Invalid,” during  
installation, you may not have read/write permissions to that folder.  
hp scanjet 2400, 3670, 3690, and 3970 digital flatbed scanners  

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