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There are two types of FUJITSU TWAIN 32:  
One of the following driver software will be  
automatically installed according to your Oper-  
ating System (OS).  
ID No.  
to 7  
, 9  
Can be set as the ID  
Used for the factory default value  
SCSI ID = 5).  
and Windows XP:  
For Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows 2000,  
. Press the power button to turn ON the scanner.  
When the scanner is turned ON, the SCSI ID set  
at step 2 is enabled.  
For Windows 95, Windows NT 4.0:  
Installing the Scanner  
When using Windows 95 or Windows NT 4.0:  
ASPI Manager V4.01 or later is required (gener-  
ally comes with SCSI board products).  
For scanning documents with this scanner, both scanner  
driver and image capturing application software (called  
application" hereafter) must be installed on your PC.  
Installing the FUJITSU TWAIN32  
Scanner Driver  
Two types of scanner driver (FUJITSU TWAIN 32  
Scanner Driver or FUJITSU ISIS Scanner Driver) and  
application (ScandAll 21 and QuickScan Pro) are pro-  
vided for this product. The following sections describe  
installation of each driver and application.  
Windows XP screenshots are used in  
this section. The windows and opera-  
tions may slightly vary depending on  
your OS.  
For FUJITSU TWAIN32 Scanner Driver  
. Press the power button to turn ON the scanner.  
. Turn on your PC and log on to Windows.  
Confirm the following items before starting to install the  
When using Windows NT 4.0, Windows  
000 or Windows XP, log on as a user  
with "Administrator" privileges (privi-  
leges of the administrator of your PC)  
Prepare the Setup CD-ROM.  
Confirm that the scanner is correctly connected  
to your PC.  
The scanner may be detected automati-  
cally. If so, [Found New Hardware Wiz-  
ard] (or [Add/Remove Hardware Wizard])  
dialog box will appear. Click [Cancel] to  
close the Wizard window. Windows XP  
screenshots are used in this section. The  
windows and operations may slightly vary  
depending on your OS.  
For details on how to connect the scanner,  
refer to "2.2 Connecting the Scanner to  
Your PC" on page 3.  
Uninstall an older version of FUJITSU TWAIN  
2 driver if it has already been installed.  
Uninstall [Scanner Utility for Microsoft  
Windows] from [Add/Remove Programs]  
on the control panel.  
fi-4530C Image Scanner Getting Started  

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