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L72H4/US GB 1999, 2, 4  
Before taking the camera for repairs, please check below to make  
sure that the camera is used correctly. If it still does not perform  
correctly, please consult your dealer or a Sanyo Authorized Service  
Line phase adjustment  
When using a camera switcher to connect 2 cameras or more to one  
monitor, there may be a vertical roll of the images when switched. In  
such a case, set as described below.  
No picture on the monitor screen  
Switch the display on the monitor from camera 1 to camera 2.  
Is the power turned on to all connected devices? Is the voltage correct?  
Adjust the LINE PHASE volume on camera 2 until the vertical roll of  
the image stops.  
Are all the signal connecting cables correctly connected?  
Is the lighting sufficient?  
If more than two cameras are used, please repeat this procedure for  
all the cameras.  
Has the lens cap been removed?  
Is the lens type (DC or VIDEO) correctly selected?  
Depending on the type of lens, the A. I. LENS switch must be set  
Is the iris control correctly set?  
A: When using a DC type lens, the LEVEL volume (inside the  
camera casing) should be adjusted.  
If the vertical roll cannot be corrected by setting the LINE PHASE  
volume on camera 2, try setting the LINE PHASE volume on camera  
B: When using a VIDEO type lens, the LEVEL volume (on the  
lens) should be adjusted.  
. If it still cannot be corrected, please check that the polarity of the  
The picture is not clear  
power cords of all connected devices is correct.  
Is the monitor correctly adjusted?  
Is the flange-back position correctly set?  
Is the lens focus correctly adjusted?  
Are the lens surfaces clean?  
If there is dust or finger prints on the lens, the image quality will  
deteriorate. To clean the lens use a soft cloth or a commercially  
available lens cleaning set.  
12 English  

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