User manual Lantronix Server EDS4100

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List of Tables  
Table 3-4 Front Panel LEDs ________________________________________________________27  
Table 4-6 Back Panel LEDs ________________________________________________________33  
Table 5-4 Back Panel LEDs ________________________________________________________39  
Table 6-1 Device Details Summary___________________________________________________41  
Table 7-3 Summary of Web Manager Pages ___________________________________________46  
Table 8-3 Network Interface Configuration _____________________________________________49  
Table 8-5 Network 1 Ethernet Link ___________________________________________________51  
Table 9-3 Line Configuration________________________________________________________54  
Table 9-5 Line Command Mode _____________________________________________________55  
Table 9-8 Tunnel - Serial Settings____________________________________________________59  
Table 9-12 Tunnel Packing Mode ____________________________________________________62  
Table 9-14 Tunnel Accept Mode_____________________________________________________64  
Table 9-16 Tunnel Connect Mode____________________________________________________68  
Table 9-19 Tunnel Disconnect Mode _________________________________________________71  
Table 9-20 Modem Emulation Commands and Descriptions _______________________________72  
Table 9-22 Tunnel Modem Emulation_________________________________________________74  
Table 10-2 Terminal on Line 1 Configuration ___________________________________________76  
Table 10-4 Terminal on Network Configuration _________________________________________77  
Table 10-6 Host Configuration ______________________________________________________78  
Table 11-3 SNMP ________________________________________________________________81  
Table 11-5 FTP Settings ___________________________________________________________82  
Table 11-7 TFTP Server ___________________________________________________________83  
Table 11-9 Syslog ________________________________________________________________84  
Table 11-12 HTTP Configuration ____________________________________________________86  
Table 11-14 HTTP Authentication____________________________________________________88  
Table 11-16 RSS_________________________________________________________________90  
Table 11-19 LPD Configuration______________________________________________________91  
Table 12-2 SSH Server Host Keys Settings - Upload Keys Method__________________________95  
Table 12-4 SSH Server Host Keys Settings - Upload Keys Method__________________________96  
Table 12-6 SSH Server Host Keys Settings - Create New Keys Method ______________________97  
Table 12-8 SSH Server Authorized User Settings _______________________________________99  
Table 12-10 SSH Client Known Hosts _______________________________________________100  
Table 12-12 SSH Client Users _____________________________________________________102  
Table 12-13 Supported Cipher Suites________________________________________________103  
Table 12-15 SSL ________________________________________________________________107  
Table 13-1 6 Byte Header of Modbus Application Protocol _______________________________109  
Table 13-2 Modbus Transmission Modes_____________________________________________109  
Table 13-5 Modbus Configuration___________________________________________________111  
Table 14-3 Filesystem Browser_____________________________________________________114  
Table 14-5 TCP Protocol Settings___________________________________________________115  
Table 14-7 IP Protocol Settings ____________________________________________________116  
Table 14-9 ICMP Settings_________________________________________________________117  
Table 14-11 ARP Settings_________________________________________________________118  
Table 14-13 SMTP Settings _______________________________________________________119  
Table 14-15 IP Address Filter Settings _______________________________________________120  
Table 14-19 Requests for Comments (RFCs)__________________________________________123  
Table 14-22 Diagnostics: Ping _____________________________________________________125  
Table 14-24 Diagnostics: Traceroute ________________________________________________126  
Table 14-32 Real Time Clock Settings _______________________________________________132  
Table 14-34 System _____________________________________________________________133  
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