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Compact Monitor  
radiating soft dome tweeter. The tweeter is  
ferro-fluid cooled and uses flexible tinsel  
lead wires to prevent thermal or mechanical  
failure. These features in addition to the large  
magnetic system make this the most rugged  
tweeter ever used in a system this size.  
wide and smooth frequency response shown  
in Figure 1. This response was measured at  
1 meter, using a 2 Volt (1 watt) input in an  
anechoic chamber. The response is 1/3-oc-  
tave averaged and no external equalization  
was used.  
The Electro-Voice S-40 is an extremely com-  
pact high- performance monitor loudspeaker  
system. It is ideally suited for indoor or out-  
door applications requiring high-quality  
sound reproduction. As a near-field moni-  
tor in control rooms or broadcast studios, or  
as a foreground or background loudspeaker  
in restaurants and clubs, the S-40 is the  
choice of professional users. Its high power  
handling also makes the S-40 an ideal loud-  
speaker for nearfield monitoring in live per-  
formance situations. Threaded inserts in the  
cabinet in combination with the optional  
mounting hardware provide a flexible  
mounting system for virtually any applica-  
These high quality components will provide  
years of listening pleasure when driven at  
reasonable levels. However, sometimes  
loudspeakers are accidently over-driven,  
causing the drive units to fail. To prevent  
against this, EV engineers have incorporated  
independent woofer and tweeter protection  
circuits in the S-40. These circuits will au-  
tomatically reduce the power being delivered  
to the drivers if their threshold is exceeded,  
greatly reducing the possibility of driver fail-  
The polar response of the S-40 speaker sys-  
tem at selected 1/3-octave bandwidths is  
shown in Figure 4. These polar responses  
were measured in an anechoic environment  
at 10 feet using 1/3-octave pink noise inputs.  
The frequencies selected are fully represen-  
tative of the polar response of the system.  
Beamwidth of the system utilizing the com-  
plete 1/3-octave polar data is shown in Fig-  
ure 2. Rq (Q) and directivity index (Di) are  
plotted in Figure 3.  
The low-frequency section is a 5-1/4" di-  
rect-radiating woofer with a polypropylene  
cone installed in an optimally vented high-  
impact polystyrene enclosure. This combi-  
nation produces an exceptionally extended  
bass response with relatively high efficiency  
for an extremely small enclosure. The use  
of plastic materials for the enclosure and cone  
allow the loudspeaker system to be used in  
high-humidity environments.  
Both drivers feature low-flux-leakage de-  
signs enabling the speaker to be used in close  
proximity to video monitors. For very criti-  
cal video monitoring applications, a mini-  
mum distance of four inches from the edge  
of the loudspeaker to the edge of the CRT is  
Power Handling Capacity  
To our knowledge, Electro-Voice was the  
first U.S. manufacturer to develop and pub-  
lish a power test closely related to real-life  
conditions. First, we use a random noise  
input signal because it contains many fre-  
quencies simultaneously, just like real voice  
or instrument program. Second, our signal  
contains more energy at extremely high and  
Frequency Response  
The combination of 5-1/4" woofer, 1-inch  
tweeter and optimized crossover result in the  
The high-frequency section is a 1-in. direct-  

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