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Possible cause  
The speaker cables are not connected properly. Check the speaker cables and correct as necessary.  
HTP-240: The number of speaker channels is Set the number of speaker channels to 5ch.  
not set to 5ch on the DR-S2.2.  
There’s no sound coming  
from certain speakers?  
SKS-HT240: On the amp or receiver, the  
Speaker Configuration settings for those  
Check the Speaker Configuration settings and  
make sure that the speakers are set to something  
speakers are set to either None or No. Or, the other than None or No. Or set the number of  
number of speaker channels is not set to 6ch.  
speaker channels to 6ch.  
The subwoofer does not  
turn on?  
The power plug is not fully inserted into the  
wall outlet.  
Insert the power plug fully into the wall outlet.  
The OUTPUT LEVEL control is set to mini-  
Turn up the OUTPUT LEVEL control.  
The RCA cable is not properly connected to  
the subwoofer’s LINE INPUT.  
Make sure that the RCA cable is properly con-  
nected to the subwoofer’s LINE INPUT.  
The level of the input signal was too low and  
the subwoofer entered Standby mode.  
Slightly increase the subwoofer preout output level  
on your amp.  
The subwoofer produces  
no sound?  
HTP-240: On the DR-S2.2 Receiver, the sub- Set the subwoofer mode to something other than  
woofer mode is set to SW Off.  
SW Off.  
SKS-HT240: On your amp or receiver, the  
speaker setting is set to Subwoofer No, or the  
subwoofer mode is set to Subwoofer Off.  
Check the settings on your amp or receiver.  
The subwoofer produces  
hardly any sound?  
The source material contain little or no bass  
Choose source material with more bass content.  
The RCA cable is not properly connected to  
the subwoofer’s LINE INPUT.  
Make sure that the RCA cable is properly con-  
nected to the subwoofer’s LINE INPUT.  
A humming sound can be  
heard from the sub-  
External interference from a TV or other elec- Move the subwoofer and RCA cable away from the  
tronic device is being picked up.  
interference source. Make sure your audio system  
is grounded properly.  
Powered Subwoofer (SKW-240)  
Front Speaker (SKF-240F)  
Type: 2-way bass reflex front  
Bass reflex with built-in  
power amplifier  
Input sensitivity/impedance: 220 mV / 15 kΩ  
8 Ω  
Maximum output power:  
Frequency response:  
SN ratio:  
Cabinet capacity:  
Dimensions (W × H × D): 10-13/16"×20-3/8"×16-3/16"  
150 W Dynamic  
27 Hz–150 Hz  
70 dB  
Maximum input power:  
Output sound pressure level: 82 dB/W/m  
Frequency response:  
Crossover frequency:  
Cabinet capacity:  
100 W  
55 Hz–35 kHz  
5 kHz  
0.11 cubic feet (3 L)  
1.36 cubic feet (38.5 L)  
30.9 lbs. (14 kg)  
275 × 518 × 411 mm)  
Dimensions (W × H × D): 5-1/8"×19-11/16"×3-9/16"  
(130 × 500 × 91 mm)  
Drive unit:  
Power supply:  
8" (20 cm) cone woofer  
North American model:  
AC 120 V, 60 Hz  
AC 230–240 V, 50 Hz  
Drive unit:  
5.5 lbs. (2.5 kg)  
3-1/8" (8 cm) cone  
woofer × 2  
1" (2.5 cm) balanced-  
dome tweeter  
Power consumption:  
North American model:  
Magnetic shielding  
5 W  
Others: 77 W  
Auto Standby function  

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