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Package Contents  
Getting to knowYour  
Speaker Package  
Make sure your box contains all of the items below. If  
anything is missing, contact the nearest Onkyo dealer.  
Subwoofer (SKW-530)  
Front speakers  
• Speaker cable for front  
speakers 4.5 m (15 ft.)  
Center speaker  
• Speaker cable for center  
speaker 3 m (10 ft.)  
Surround speakers (SKM-530S/SKB-530)  
Speaker cables for surround speakers 9 m (30 ft.)  
3 4  
To AC outlet  
A STANDBY/ON indicator  
Subwoofer in standby mode  
Green: Subwoofer on  
Subwoofer (SKW-530)  
• RCA cable for sub-  
woofer connection  
With the Auto Standby function, the SKW-530  
automatically turns on when an input signal is  
detected in Standby mode. When there’s no input  
signal for a while, the SKW-530 automatically  
enters Standby mode.  
B OUTPUT LEVEL control  
This control is used to adjust the volume of the sub-  
The alphabet displayed at the end of the product name  
found in catalogs and on package represents the color of  
the system. Though the color varies, the specifications  
and operations are the same.  
This RCA input should be connected to the sub-  
woofer pre out on your AV receiver, amp, or other  
receiver with supplied RCA cable.  
D POWER switch  
Press this switch to the ON position to turn on the  
power. Press it to the OFF position to turn off the  
TheAuto Standby function turns the subwoofer on when  
the input signal exceeds a certain level. If the Auto  
Standby function does not work reliably, try slightly  
increasing or decreasing the subwoofer output level on  
your receiver or amp.  

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